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Caged Followers 0.91 Beta - Patch fixes

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About This File

Your followers have been imprisoned, do you have what it takes to get them back?

Adds radiant quests to search for and save your followers.





So, you just got beat up again by some bandits, they took all your stuff and then left you in a ditch somewhere, or even sent you into slavery.


Meanwhile, your follower, who was the whole time with you, suddenly decided to take a vacation, relax at the lake or perhaps build some snowmen in Winterhold, fully equiped and no worse for wear? Well, no more.


Now, your follower can also enjoy the pleasures of bandit hospitality, sit in a cage, wait for rescue, and be bored to tears.



So, what does this mod do?


It adds radiant quests to strip and lock away up to eight followers, sending them to random cages and cells in all of Skyrim (and Solstheim). You want them back? Then you will have to ask around, question innkeepers and travellers and hope to catch some rumor of their where-abouts. Or you can try your luck and visit every single hive of scum and villainy in the land.

Once you found them, you have FOUR (well, actually five) EXCITING scenarios to get them out of their predicament (depending on your standing with the captors and your own state of freedom).


Want to be the dashing hero, killing the guards and releasing the damsel (or sidekick) from captivity, only to then beat up their leader and reclaim the loot? DONE

Want to pay a ransom or barter with the fiends? DONE

Want to help your friend escape captivity, picking locks and stealing stuff to make escape easier (needs SD)? DONE

Want to convince, confuse or distract another slave master from claiming the "spoils of war" (needs SD)? DONE

Want to send them from captivity into active slavery (right at your side with SD)? Not really a rescue, but also DONE

Want to see their captors having their "fun" with your companion? Sorry, that's a bit beyond me, so not done and likely wont be added...



Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, what do you need to make this happen?

Well, obviously this mod, but also:

Sexlab Framework


SD Plus (or you can use the noSD-Option, containing only the first two rescue options)



DDX - adds chains to the follower if an escape-attempt failed

SD Cages - adds more cells/cages, so there are more radiant locations to send the followers to - just put this mod below SD Cages, as I replaced several doors which wouldn't work as cells, some of which were also edited (but not removed) here.

DAYMOYL - adds another option to start the quest - patch in the downloads



So, how do you get the quests started?


- get enslaved by SD, and there's a chance your current follower(s) will be sent away instead of joining you

- Death Alternative - Your money or your life - If DAYMOYL decides to do nothing with the follower, there is instead now a 50% chance to start the quest

- "CagedFollowers Test.esp", which starts the quest for any npc hit by the courage spell - most aspects of the mod will work with any npc, but there will be strange behaviour, so best to use it only on (current or dismissed) followers.


Alternatively, modders can add it via ModEvents


To start the quest:

target.SendModEvent("StartCagedFollower", strArg = "")


The scheduler will send "CagedFollowerSuccess-"+strArg once the quest has started, or "CagedFollowerFailed-"+strArg if no quest could be started or the timeout was reached.




Which file should I get?


If you have SD, simply download "CagedFollowers SD", as well as the patch if you use 3.62 Beta 3 or earlier


If you don't have SD, download the "no SD"-Option


If you are using DAYMOYL (with or without SD), you can also download the DAYMOYL patch, which adds the necessary events to the follower processing; just set "Follower Behaviour" to "Do Nothing" or "Random", and you are set


If you want to quickly test the quests and not be beaten up beforehand, you can add the Test-Package, which starts the quest for any follower hit by a courage-spell.



So, you tried it and didn't like it?


To uninstall the mod, first stop all running quests, else things will break and your caged followers will switch sides permanently to the captors.

Enter in the console:


stopquest CagedFollower01

stopquest CagedFollower02

stopquest CagedFollower03

stopquest CagedFollower04

stopquest CagedFollower05

stopquest CagedFollower06

stopquest CagedFollower07

stopquest CagedFollower08

stopquest CagedFollowerScheduler


Then wait an hour so all update-events finish, and you can remove the file.



Known issues


- Defeat when using health-threshold for followers: during the "break out"-scenario the mod tries to detect when the follower enters bleedout, mostly so it can react if the player is also defeated and then sent away, which would trigger a recapture and put the follower back into the cage.

- Quest startup time fluctuates wildly - sometimes it starts within a few seconds, sometimes it needs half a minute, and sometimes it needs the player to leave the location to fire. I have no idea if it's my current setup, if it's some greedy script stealing all the resources, or if Skyrim always goes a bit crazy with radiant quests.



AND Credits

jbezorg / skyrimll / DeepBlueFrog - for the initial and continueing work on SD, which had a large part in inspiring this mod

BralorMarr - for DAYMOYL which adds another way to start the quests



Anything else?

Nope, so have fun playing.


What's New in Version 0.91 Beta - Patch fixes


Fixed an ID in my SD patch, as well as with the integration in SD 3.62 beta4, which caused SD not to start the quests

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