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Hello all, I finished my newest mod....  Again this is something I made for the ABDL community.:yum:
So I wanted some beds for my characters & I wanted something cute, But most bed mods out there are just normal beds though.
I wanted beds that were more then just a cute texture on a normal bed, I wanted beds that would really stand out from other beds.
So I thought to myself what kind of bed is super cute for women to sleep in?, The answer (For me personally) was adult cribs.:relaxed:
Then I realized there was a VERY low chance of finding such a mod anywhere on the net, So I decided to make one myself,
And I love sharing with people so I've made this mod page, I want to share this mod so everyone who wants something like this can have it.
So this is for all you ABDL peeps out there who want that extra cute touch for your bedrooms.:kiss_wink:
There are three adult cribs in this mod, They're all different variations of black blue & pink.
Each crib has a VaultTech SPECIAL book on the mattress & they're own mobile toys above the crib.
These adult cribs are all fully functional as settlement beds usable by both player's & NPC's.
1.The first crib's color scheme is black blue pink & it has a little nuclear bomb on the mobile.
2.The seconed crib's color scheme is blue pink black & it has a rocket ship for the mobile.
3.The third crib's color scheme is pink blue black & it has a big teddy bear on it's mobile.
A very special thanks & partial credit goes to Gamohlik for collision work & bed physics data.
Please support them to.
To install this mod just drop the data folder in your game folder & turn on the plugin,
Then you should be able to find the cribs in the bed section of the workshop menu.
Everyone enjoy. ^^

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