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About This File

M.C.G. 1.6.17 BETA is out! 

(the original wear and tear and statistics framework)

"Vanilla Fudge Replacer Update with hotfixes"


[!] PLEASE always read the entire mod description and the FAQs(guide) before installing and playing, I am not responsible if you can't follow instructions, thank you.


[!]IMPORTANT:  [ this is not required if you make a complete new game ] If you upgrade from a previous version, after installing the new version 1.6.17 AND THE SOURCE FILES, update the mod " in MCM in debug page, return to game, wait 10 seconds, then in MCM use the "refresh widget" button in the widget page. If after updating you find the widgets not installed correctly, go in MCM (widgets page) and you find at the bottom "Register Widgets" press that button to register them again, in case you need it.


[!] REMINDER: If you update the mod, only that current game session will be updated, so you should save after updating. When you will have saved, only that save will be updated. If you reload a save where you did not update the mod you'll need to update again!


[!] IMPORTANT: READ THE FAQs about the Extended Interaction Mode, and why you should enable it only when you need it and disable it everytime you finished using it! Again, I am not responsible if you are too lazy to read instructions.




v 1.6.17 Fixes:

  • Fixed activation Option "Find Owner" blacklisted corpses and whitelisted only actor races capable of dialogues;
  • Revisited: Now when using the activation option "Romance" with your companion, you are informed of your actual VANILLA AFFINITY level so you can know how much far you are from conquering your sexual partner! Also now when you are above the 998 level needed for the romance option with companion, using the activation option will not instantly begin the sex but will let you confirm that so you can use "no" if you select the romance activation option as a mistake;
  • Revisited: Now if you have Sex Rewards for quests enabled and if an actor whose relationship level with you was less than -250 (he/she/it refused to talk to you in EIM) instead of rewarding you with sex will give you another chance of repairing your relationship, raising that to 50 (the default), so you are able to "chat" with that actor again;
  • Fixed a minor issue regarding the slave collection alias, now they are in the player faction, so they should never turn hostile to you;

v 1.6.16 Fixes (about Find Owner, bed sharing):

  • Fixed: Current Companion Dialogue when using the activation option in EIM "Find Owner" for renting owned beds. Now there is the possibility that your companion will accept
  • Fixed: Now the activation option "Find Owner" is not available if you are trespassing;
  • From now on I DO NOT PROVIDE SUPPORT FOR TWISTEDTREBLA'S MODS as they are not currently maintained and in alpha state, also incompatibilities and strange behaviours have been reported if this mod and those mods are installed together, so if you have those mods installed you are on your own, I am sorry;

v 1.6.15 Beta (vanilla fudge replacer minor fixes and revisitation):

  • Revisited: Sexual Reward actor storing (Vanilla fudge Replacer) to be keyword based. Now you can reclaim your sexual reward when you want, without fearing that a new quest completed may overwrite the alias; 
  • Revisited: Now when an actor is impressed by your accomplishments (Sexual Reward for quests completition if vanilla fudge replacer is on) you must talk to him/her/it while the E.I.M. is enabled, so no more forcing to collect the reward to unlock vanilla dialogues again;
  • Revisited: Now the option "Avoid question" in the dialogue when you collect your sexual reward will lead to normal E.I.M. dialogues for certain categories of NPCs;
  • Fixed: MCM toggle for Sexual Rewards in the vanilla fudge replacer section completely prevent dialogues for collect sexual rewards if off (Already marked people will not offer rewards and the system will not mark new people, but already marked people will remain marked, so when the system will be brought back on you can still collect the rewards).
  • Fixed: Notification to press your EIM key during speech challenges for more options (vanilla fudge replacer) stay visible longer now, the full 4 seconds you have at your disposal to press the key for the system to kick in.
  • Fixed: Sexual Reward Children Blacklist, the script had a property not correctly filled, damn you Bethesda!

v 1.6.14 Beta:

  • Enforced protection to blacklist children from offering sexual rewards if vanilla fudge replacer is enabled (thank you, continue to report this kind of things so I can blacklist)
  • Added an option to have sex with your prewar Nora/Nate if you talk to her/him during the pre war scenes and if YOU HAVE E.I.M. On.
  • Added a new setting in Widgets page to set the Widgets Hiding Behaviour:
    • 0 : You need to manually show/hide widgets in MCM and you see a notification message when enabling/disabling E.I.M.
    • 1:  You need to manually show/hide widgets in MCM and you see an HUD Icon when E.I.M. is enabled (bottom right of the screen)
    • 2: Widgets will automatically show themselves only when E.I.M. is enabled and will automatically Hide themselves when E.I.M. is disabled. I tried to add compatibility to the "ImmersiveHUD" mod but I didn't find a way to hook into that mod as the author seems to not provide a way for that. But the hotkey to disable hud from that mod will work. Hiding Behaviour 2 is the closest thing I can do to emulate the ImmersiveHUD experience.
  • Added a slider in MCM (Respawn System Page) to set the chance of being raped when defeated, if you are defeated and you are not raped, the "death" for "natural" hazards scenario will apply (check the FAQs topic for more) 
  • Revisited the waiting slaves AI package to enforce NPCs to stay "near package starting location" instead of "near self", I hope this will help when recruit/hire NPCs from mods that make you friendly with factions like raiders that normally are always hostile. WARNING: Previously enslaved/Hired NPCs may need to be recalled and ordered to "STAY HERE" again for this to take effect.
  • Minor interface and text cleaning.
  • FAILURE: I tried to register hotkeys in MCM, the script were without errors, the .jason files were correctly set up but for some reasons when selecting the hotkey in MCM, MCM doesn't store the choice, need help for this.

v 1.6.12 Hotfix:

  • Fixed a nasty bug when using the activation option "FIND OWNER" in cells owned by companions. It happened that sometimes the system forced the dialogue on the player, disabling the HUD. Now the player is blacklisted and should never happen again;
  • Blacklisted Children for the activation option "FIND OWNER", never again children can be picked up by this system, this has a consequence tough:
    •  in companion cells (sometimes) or scarcely populated areas (very rarely) the option "find owner" may not find any suitable owner at the first try, so you should try again until the system pick the right owner (If you are sure that someone that may be the owner is near you);


 Check this link for the full changelog: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/93793-magno-cum-gaudio-wear-and-more/?do=findComment&comment=2147270







[.] Summary of FEATURES 
The intention of this mod is to create a loose emulation of Sexout mods from New Vegas.
Since it adds a lot of features, you can customize and/or disable almost every system at your discretion in MCM.
  • Vanilla Fudge Replacer ( original mod here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3944-four-play-vanilla-fudge/ );
  • Save your load order space just one .esp used. Compatible with almost everything due to the modular nature!
  • Build relationships with named actors from vanilla fallout 4;
  • Vanilla integration. Nothing absurd, everything is balanced and as integrated as possible with the vanilla experience. 
  • Enlist settlers in your army as followers or recruit people with money or when reaching a certain rank in faction (i.e. sentinel for brotherhood);
  • Knock out people  and rape, rob or enslave them;
  • Leave your slaves or hired people where you want guarding the place;
  • Flirt with non unique characters and with luck engage in relation with them;
  • Equip bare hands feature [ long press " 1 " ];
  • Tame animals and creatures  as slaves;
  • Enslave humans, synths, Mutants, robots;
  • Start sex from dialogue or from activation in Expanded Interaction Mode;
  • Alternative death instead of simply being killed and reload;
  • Lust need and wear level with systems of racial preference and orgasm;
  • Dynamic Sexual Statistics, effects and perks calculated from Player Sexual Choices for Role Playing
  • widgets to control your lust and wear levels;
  • Vanilla disease chance for non protected sex;
  • Pacify enemy in area as a non combat solution offering your body as toll;
  • Transfer the damn caps in containers!
  • Integration with Sex EM Up and sex from other external four play mods;
  • Call to you people wearing the call armor utility;
  • Immersive descriptions with Active Effects UI and Perks;
  • Threesome support!
  • Rent any owned bed, and pay with sex or caps for it!
  • MCM for set up the mod!
  • If you are a modder use my mod as a framework, a lot of options provided, including starting sex directly from my function instead of importing four play, options include but are not limited to: (WIP)
    • statistics based on actor values so values like wear and tear able to be used also for npc and not only player
    • function to call sex for player that add a layer to determine sub/dom nature of the sex supporting even external mods
    • Modular! All systems can be disabled in MCM


[.] Requirements: (Soft are required only if you want the corresponding feature)


[.] Installation: (guided installer for mod managers)

  • Make sure all the requirements are installed correctly with all their dependencies, so I suggest to read the instruction of each mod page carefully;
  • Download the last version of the mod and the source files;
  • Add my mod and the source files with a mod manager and install them, I suggest Nexus Mod Manager (if you upgrade from a previous version of M.C.G., uninstall the previous version before doing this); 
  • For the Load Order I just put it after Four_Play.esp and after Family Planning Enhanced (if you installed it) and before RSE (if you installed it);

[.] For those who wants to manually install the mod (not recommended):

  • Extract the archive and open the "main files" folder, then copy paste the content in your "Data" Folder of Fallout 4.

[.] Suggested mods: (not required/optional)


[?] FOR MODDERS: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/94455-faq-and-media-about-magnocumgaudio-do-not-reply-here/?do=findComment&comment=2183717


[!] Note on RSE compatibility: 


[1] If you plan to use RSE with this mod, for maximum compatibility, I suggest to install them at the same time or to install RSE before MagnoCumGaudio. You need to "update" M.C.G. in MCM debug page if you already have installed MagnoCumGaudio before RSE so this mod can recognize RSE. 

[2] If you don't use the RESPAWN FEATURE you can ignore this point.

If  and only if you Use RSE together with my RESPAWN FEATURE make sure to set in RSE BAD ASS MODE = ON. If you like the feature of surrender to enemy just activate the manual surrender but be sure to not be already quite dead, or enemies will follow you to rape even if teleported by the Respawn System.  

[3] If you highlight an enemy with Expanded Interaction Mode it could happen that the enemy surrender before you knock it down, simply deselect the actor and disable the extended interaction mode and use the RSE scenario. If the enemy is already bleeding out you may be forced to activate "talk" two times with extended interaction mode on before override RSE enemy surrender dialogue. Don't worry my enemy knock out scenario has the same options more or less than RSE: ROB, Nothing (Leave), Kill and Enslave!

[4]For the INITIATE SEX feature of RSE, make sure that EXPANDED INTERACTION MODE is off to see the RSE option to initiate sex after using the "pickaxe Body Spray".

[5] LOAD ORDER: Put RSE lower than Magno Cum Gaudio (AnghelosRespawn.esp)!

[6] RESPAWN SYSTEM: If you want to follow my advice, keep the respawn system of MCG disabled when using RSE to avoid some weird reported behaviours (not confirmed).


[!] Unsupported and incompatible:

  • (not recommmended) All "Equip-BareHands-Type_Of_Mods: M.C.G. mod has this feature already integrated, just LONG PRESS 1 for about half a second to equip your bare hands ( very useful when in power armor the armor fists sometimes are better than your melee weapon!)
  • (partially incompatible) KNOCKOUT FRAMEWORK is not compatible with the RESPAWN SYSTEM, if you don't use the respawn system it should be compatible with minor issues about the enslavement and knocking out of NPC;
  • (partially incompatible) All Mods that modify Stimpacks are not compatible with the RESPAWN FEATURE, if you want to use them with the respawn feature, put this mod lower in load order and hope for the best because I do not support this. If you don't use the RESPAWN SYSTEM you can ignore this point.
  • (could be incompatible) Mods that add new activation options, usually with the press of "R" could be incompatible if their added activation option stay enabled all the time. This mod i.e. let you activate or deactivate this kind of feature at the press of the Extended Interaction Mode Key (the whole point of E.I.M. is exactly this actually, you can read more in the FAQs), others like "locksmith" or "push your companion" do not let you to choose when you can use their feature which is ALWAYS enabled.
  • (not recommended) Extended Dialogue Interface, you can use it but you could find difficult to understand the dialogues since that mod cuts the "prompt" part of Dialogues cutting important informations (this happens also in vanilla fallout about info like "[sarcasm]")
  • (reported strange behaviours) TwistedTrebla's mods, if you have those installed you are on your own, they may work with MCG or they may not, I don't know. It's up to you to find if your settings and your load order play nice with having this mod and those mods together.


[!] Know Bugs:

  • [!] If you die, without being raped and in power armor, after the defeat scenario you may find yourself having a wierd body shape, this is because you are still in power armor frame but it appears to be invisible. Long press "E" to exit power armor frame and everything should fix by itself and the power armor frame will return visible! (This problem could appear only if you use the RESPAWN SYSTEM)


  • [!] Marking features of Expanded Interaction Mode can sometimes have issues with the vanilla "pacify" activation. If you need to vanilla pacify, disable expanded interaction mode before doing it.


  • [!] Active effects description for Orgasm Addiction could be bugged, this is a vanilla fallout bug that sometimes hides some effects of addictions from the UI (i.e. Xcell addiction reduce one point to all SPEACIAL but in the Pipboy UI sometimes it's shown only -1 INT, but the effects to the rest of SPECIALs are actually active!)


  • [!] stealing objects in the world that belongs to one of your slave WHILE your slave sees you doing it may lead to a crash to desktop, unfortunately nothing I can do about it because this is an hard bug about the vanilla notification of you being caught stealing. Stealing anything else is not a problem. (I.e. if you have with you an enslaved missionary from Charles View Amphiteather, If he sees you steal something from the amphiteater zone (objects that he owns) there could be a crash to desktop, but if you steal something from anywhere else, like in Diamond City, that doesn't belong to your slave, everything is fine.)


  • [!] Knocking Down enemy NPCs doesn't always work if the Npc is sleeping or is awakening (getting up from the bed). It works in all the other situations.



[!!!] Awesome People:



[!] Legal:

  • Downloading or any form of distribution or modifications of this mod is allowed only from LOVERSLAB SITE;
  • You can use the source code provided under license, to do everything you want in your mod, but:

Failing to follow the previous simple rules will have consequences... I warned you :tongue:

[!] Disclaimer:

  • I do not condone any form of violence or sexual abuse in real life. The content of this mod is purely fictional as the game "Fallout 4" which modifies. The file here presented is allowed to being downloaded only by people with the legal age of their country of origin and capable of discerning fiction (as this game and this mod) from reality.