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About This File

Rambling Introduction


One thing I really want out of my sex mods is that they somehow connect with gameplay. Watching animations and seeing my character get a big cum filled belly is neat, but I feel so much more motivated to get my Dovahgirl involved in depraved sex acts if there's some sort of payoff for gameplay. So that's why I made this slight modification to the Fill Her Up mod.


What does it do?


There are 2 primary effects of this modification:


1. When you use the mod function that allows you to try to push out cum, you now refill your magicka for however much cum you push out.
2. Player controls are no longer disabled while pushing out cum ( this makes it so the hud doesn't disappear as well ).


This effectively makes it so that you can use the cum in your character's belly to refill your magicka mid combat, and means that earlier when you were letting every man and futa in that tavern dump their load inside you, or letting that horse at the stables mount you, you weren't just being a depraved cum dumpster - you were preparing for combat! All that wear and tear you put on your body, and all those diseases you caught, were now totally worth it!


Naturally this works best with animations for releasing cum disabled. If you keep the animations enabled then the magicka effect still works, but you will still lose control of your character while doing it since the animations hold you in place.


This modification is very small and only adds 2 lines of code to one script.




This was made with the NIO Beta 1 version of FHU, so most likely it will require that you have that version ( you should have it anyway ).


Can be installed with NMM, or just dump the Data folder from the zip in manually.


No esp, so load order won't have to be adjusted. Can be added mid-game.




Please report any problems you encounter.