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PM_Texture pack w cum and male included 4 Unique Follower_Player_Female NPCs 3.5

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About This File

THIS MOD USES THE DEPRECIATED UNIQUE Female NPC's MOD NOT THE UPDATED BSA2 VERSION Titled Unique NPC Bodies however you can still use any single texture in it for which ever body you Please if you have cbbe.


This Mod Replaces both male and female skin textures.


PM_BOD Mod Requirements:


CBBE for just you


Optional (needed to use the hole pack)
Unique Female NPC's (depreciated)
Unique Followers
Unique Player
Super Hero bodies PHD Large




looks menu presets
Requirements to use and have look right:
The Eyes of beauity
Looksmenu costomization compendium
TH Brows
Oni asian face wet
Oni Face Parts (if i dont keep this botom of the load order it seems not to work)
choose your own hair and hair color i have like 7 packs and not sure which one this hair stylere came from if you have it great if not you'll have to search for one or choose a new one


Instructions: Install last
There are a few ways we can do this and the choise is yours

  • You can install the hole pack by after having the depreciated npc's loaded extracting the 7zip file to your data folder (this also adds my looks menu presets
  • You can pick and choose the textures you would like to use by renaming them to match the body d type you want to replace and doing so.
  • You can contact me with requests and i will do the best i can to accommodate. also i love positive feedback and constructive criticism but if you cant find a way to say something that builds me up to want to improve upon it keep it in. troll's are cool for 7 to 10 year old girls since the movie made them more popular but i just find them boring and unoriginal.

Is there going to be a release for the updated Unique NPC's body?
Unfortunately now that it is in a bsa i woul;d need my own esp so while i can build it as an add on once i can learn how to make an esp to guide my mod... Hitting a wall here And cant seem to find any tutorials that can show me how to link my own content to an esp and the proper files in game. yeah... it will happen just not till i can figure it out im gonna see what i can do to see if the unique npc's maker is willing to leave the depreciated mod up or if theres a wayi could just borrow his esp till i can figure it out.


Where Can i Find the Depreciated Unique NPC's?
http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/19466/? is its current URL. Its made by Thirdstorm and he is GOOD. Right now he has an updated version of his mod out that uses a BSA2 file this mod wont effect the npc's bodies on this version though if you have the unique player version that will be released soon it will still effect the player and followers from unique followers... till they change to a bsa2 and im boned till i can learn the esp.


Is there a way i can contribute to your effort?
All the usual ways ill keep working on it either way as i can but i like money i can buy food and mabie put in to the rent instead of feeling useless. most important leave a compliment if your a fan it helps motivate me i care about those that care for my work. find me a good way to learn how to write an esp for the body files for each faction companion and the unique player. or jump on board and use your technical skills with my artistic design methods.

What's New in Version 3.5


  • Version 3.5
  • remade to include three versions Male Textures and compatibility with most other mods.

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