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What it is: I only use skill rolls when I play, and I found getting enough points to do anything to be incredibly difficult, A week, sometimes, to get the 200 points for demos to be ignored, and I was never able to upgrade a High Value Qualified Lead, or Opportunity.


This mod changes the points values for Auto Work, as a Secretary, to be in line, mostly, with Wordle values. Slightly less than Wordle, but close enough. No longer will demos take a week, or HV leads be totally out of reach to upgrade.


Does not modify the Wordle experience at all.



What's New in Version   See changelog


No updates for SkillRollSecretary, but I have added my additional Secretary changes. What is UpgradeLeads? Its SkillRollSecretary combined with half price hv leads and cheaper intellect and charm xp. Values assigned as I felt they made sense for the effort to get them.

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