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Carnalitas - CBO - PA - Coetus Anima - Princes of Darkness Compatibility patch 0.1

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About This File

This is a GUI compatibility patch that enables all of the features of Carnalitas, Physical Attributes and Coetus Anima to be visible and work with Princes of Darkness conversion mod.


Most of the work was in adding all of the Carnalitas and submods features to work and to be able to be shown with PoD UI, as it was modified a lot. Main windows that work now are :

1. Character info window - depending on the mod loaded earlier, you couldn't see either you height, weight, etc., slaves tab, or in case of Carn loading after PoD, no lore buttons, minions tab and blood affinity.

2. Lifestyles window - PoD adds about 6 new lifestyle schools for vampires only, and with shapeshifters, mummies, fae and inquisitors if gets quite big. Without patch, if Coetus Anima is loaded after, you can't use any of the lifestyles apart from vanilla ones, and some of the toggles for time spent on activities don't work.


My load order:


Princes of Darkness (Steam)

Better Barbershop (Steam) #

Pod + Better Barbershop Compatibility Patch (Steam) #

Carnalitas (LL)

Character Body Overhaul (LL)

Physical Attributes (LL)

Coetus Anima (LL)

Carnalitas - PoD Compatch (LL)


# - not needed, but it makes it easier to change between all the appearances both mods give



So far those are only problems I found, will dig more through the files and check if there is something else that can be fixed.


FYI: Game is sometimes prone to crash, but mostly it doesn't have anything to do with the patch, it's just the sheer amount of background stuff game has to calculate with all the mods active. One thing I found out is slower game speed (3 or slower), pausing while doing some decisions, and waiting a few seconds between decisions helps the game to swallow this huge amount of stuff we're feeding it (2 big scripted mods after all).

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