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Simple Generic NPC Replacer SE 1.0 1.0.0

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ATTENTION! The 1.1 version is on Nexus because it includes the male npcs and thus made the file way too fat for loverslab. The 1.0 version will remain here.


This is a face replacer for most random generic NPCs, giving them KS Hair and/or tweaks their faces a bit. Usually this is just in the form of removing or lessening wrinkles and dirt. This mod affects Bandits, Witches, Warlocks, Vampires, Soldiers, Guards, Forsworn, "Treasure Corpses", Thalmor, Hunters, Vigilants of Stendarr, Dawnguard, Miraak Cultists, and Soul Cairn Ghosts allegedly. But only for human and elf females so far because doing just the females took a long time and doing the males too would take way more time. ESL flagged. Let me know if you find any generic NPCs who managed to escape my attention.


  1. I will not make an Apachii version. Doing this the first time for just the female npcs was already a nightmare.
  2. No, it doesn't add bikini armor.
  3. LE compatible? Should be, but I'd recommend running the BSA through a converter. Wait, can you even do that...?
  4. No, I'm not doing khajiit, argonians, or anything of the like.
  5. Yes I rebranded from "Dibella's Blessed" because that name made people way too expecting.

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