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Pirates of Skyrim - The Northern Cardinal under the Black Flag SE 1.51

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About This File

Be a pirate or privateer! Pillage enemy vessels and obtain unique loot. Sail the Sea of Ghosts and explore the ocean floor! Pay your crew by sharing the spoils of your pillages, or better, give them rum!


Note this mod was ported and released without the permission of the original mod author



What is this?

"Pirates of Skyrim: The Northern Cardinal under the Black Flag" is a massive expansion of the "Northern Cardinal" mod by swordboy.

This introduces pirating to Skyrim. You can henceforth sail the Sea of Ghosts, explore the ocean floor, have naval battles, pillage unique treasure, and display it in your upgraded captain's cabin, manage your crew, and more.



The Sea of Ghosts

Sail the Northern Cardinal (that's the ship's name if you haven't played the mod before) to the Sea of Ghosts and explore the ocean floor. Dive for pearls the size of your head and discover sunken ships filled with treasure waiting for you to loot them. Rescue a shipwrecked blacksmith from a slow death at sea and make him part of your crew. The 'ocean features' like wrecks and treasure etc. spawn and unspawn randomly every time you sail the Sea of Ghosts creating the illusion of an actual ocean you are sailing.

You will need a crew of three in order to sail the Sea of Ghosts.






Naval Battles


Use one of three telescopes(one near the steering wheel, one near the map on the deck, and one in the crow's nest) onboard to find enemy ships waiting to be boarded and have their cargo seized.

Board unsuspecting, sailing merchants, Imperial Ships, Stormcloaks...

...or a huge Imperial Battleship...





Crew Management & Morale System
(can be - de facto - disabled by typing "set aacrewmorale to 999" into the console)

Your crew won't be sailing for free anymore. From time to time you will have to either share the spoils of your pillaging with them, or, even better, provide them with bottles of rum! The management of your crew is done via your first mate's dialogue options.

The amount of gold you will have to pay is based on a formula, the formula makes it so a smaller crew is not necessarily cheaper to maintain than a larger one and further takes the players gold into account.

Tell your crew mates to be part of the boarding squad, guaranteeing that they will be in the first row when the action is happening.


Upgradeable table that you can also decorate and use to summon your entire crew to the table
That's all the description I'm gonna copy over from the original mod, if you want to read more, go to the original mod page Pirates of Skyrim - The Northern Cardinal under the Black Flag at Skyrim Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)
Install both files like any other mod, Script patch after the main file and overwrite if prompted!
How To Start Mod
Go to the new Solitude docks and talk to Marician
This is a rough port! I've tested the early stages of the mod and have verified that it works to some extent. I'll test more when I actually play it for myself
I'll probably add my own screenshots later on as well.
All credit goes to the original mod authors

Edited by Kyle-says

What's New in Version 1.51


Fixed the quest! it should start now after talking with Marician, Had to add back in the .esp ,'s that were removed

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