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This mod brings the amazing work of Shädman to The Sims 4


The 3 Packages


ShädmanArt.package is Shädman's art on a pretty big canva


ShädmanArtSmall.package is what you would expect, it's the same as ShädmanArt.package but on smaller canvases, they're not completely identical some have different images than the other. I couldn't get all images to fit on each canvas type


ShädmanFutanariArt.package is Pretty self-explanatory, it uses the same canvases as ShädmanArtSmall.package




Forgot to put this in the newly uploaded version so here it is for now


Shädman Phone Wallpapers.package


It does what the package name says, it adds Shadman art for your phone wallpaper. Currently only 7. No futa version at the moment



All art belongs to




All I did was edit a few images to make them fit the paintings better.


If you have any suggestions of more Shädman art you want to see, link me to it or tell me what it is and I might add it!


And of course, I did all this for fun. What I actually do is make nsfw indie games check out my Twitter here:




Edited by Kyle-says

What's New in Version 1.0.5   See changelog


Fixed another problem with the calendars

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