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Reworks the character creation screen to have more choices for initial starting classes, while making the distributions for starting stats more equal in gameplay. It doesn't matter how you arrive at Summer City -- Nerds, Playboys, and Jocks all have the same starting potential!


Also adds three new classes ("Dweeb", "Macho", and "Womanizer") with different stat distributions.


The Average class is now a jack of all trades, master of none, but comes with the highest total starting stats. If you like to customize, you have two extra skill points to add as you see fit.

The Loser class starts extremely weak, but has a permanent boost to XP gain (especially useful for leveling sexual stats). One extra skill point can be added as you see fit.
All other classes (Nerd, Dweeb, Jock, Macho, Playboy, Womanizer) come with one stat they're skilled in, one mediocre, and one unskilled. One extra skill point can be added as you see fit.


The intended balance of this mod is partially to make the game more difficult, but also to make leveling more satisfying over time.


Future plans include more class perks, for the nerdy, jock, and playboy styles.


Passages edited:

:: archetype stat limits

:: new character creator

:: archetype check

:: character creator stat update

:: random traits

:: stats reset numbers

:: stats rest

:: score multiplier calc


Likely incompatible with new character mods, but other than that should be highly compatible.

The "dweeb", "womanizer", and "macho" classes are converted into "nerd", "playboy", and "jock" classes after starting your game for compatibility reasons; this is to ensure that any scenes or flavor texts in the base game which rely on those classes still triggers as intended.

Edited by datdude69

What's New in Version 1.0.4   See changelog


Bugfix; the score multiplier now correctly increments or decrements with the recent changes post 0.18a bugfixes.

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