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Mod Requires:

  • Crusader Kings 2 (tested with 2.4.5 build)
  • Way of Life DLC
  • The various Portraits DLC's - with a work around included in the Incompatibilities section below

What is this mod:
This mod isn't a historical mod. It's meant to be an enjoyable play session with aspects of the adult content increased, in some cases to a fantastical level since it involves things like being a descendant of Lilith if you're a female ruler, who in turns awakens her gift in you that grants succubus like abilities. If you're opt not to become a succubus, there is still content to be enjoyed, from the futanari merchant, to methods that can speed up your chancellor's ability to fabricate a claim, to aspects of the now discontinued nadamod that include things such as a brothel that you can visit (if a male) or whore yourself out of (if you're a female). There's more, not all of it sexual, but much of it still adult oriented, and I'm including it in this one mod because I don't want to make multiple mods.


Current Mod Features
Blood of Lilith

  • Female rulers will be visited by Lilith who offers to awaken her power in their blood
  • New decisions and events are available for those who accept the embrace.
  • Succubus Seduction (allows Way of Life seduction to be used against previously forbidden targets)
  • Drain a Lover's life energy
  • Blood Moon Celebration with random events
  • Cure self of Lover's Pox
  • Chance to establish the Lilithian faith
  • Cast spells based on your Succubus stage
  • Reach the peak of the Succubus progression and receive more custom events


Werewolves tend to live on the outskirts of mankind, more legend than reality to most. There are two basic types, intelligent and feral. The intelligent werewolves can speak, be reasoned with, and aren't always violent. Ferals exist only to kill, eat, and sometimes fuck (and then eat). Intelligent werewolves can be recruited to your court. Intelligent werewolves are still very instinct driven creatures. They often will attempt to dominate, and if successful, seem to have the ability to always make their target remain submissive through repeated acts of domination. Human women are often seen as quality breeders, as werewolves have a very high fertility chance for propagating their race with them. Human men are seen as competition and a werewolf will either seek to dominate them through sheer intimidation, or via making the man into a he-bitch or Omega Male (lowest of the pack). It is said that men who find themselves being used as a he-bitch too often can begin to undergo abnormal changes, where their genitalia will shrink and their fertility will lessen, making it difficult for them to breed (and thus removing competition from the mating pool). There is even an old wives tale about a man who was dominated so much that he became a woman.




They're the scourge of mankind, and the enemy of werewolves. While some would imagine that Werewolves and Vampires would work together against mankind, they have two radically different outlooks. Werewolves simply wish to dominate and breed, moving mankind from the world power to the role of pets and bitches. Vampires view mankind as cattle. The finest food. Vampires and werewolves are also biologically toxic to each other. In the rare occurrences where a Vampire and werewolf were able to breed, the child dies within the first day due to the blood conflict. It's also why a Vampire cannot turn a werewolf, as the blood exchange that takes place when a new Vampire is created simply kills both the vampire and the werewolf. There are three different types of Vampires. Your young bloods, or just simple vampires, have a body that isn't completely undead. They can still eat and drink, and digest food. They even can still procreate, although whether or not the child is a vampire appears to rely solely on whether or not the mother is. They're also not yet immortal. It isn't known exactly how it takes place, but a vampire doesn't become immortal until it seems to further embrace its death, fully reaching an undead state. This change also strips them of their ability to eat/drink food and to procreate, although there are rumors that an elder vampire (as these evolved creatures are known) can still bring life back to themselves temporarily, usually to maintain a charade, and that it's said they're ravenous afterwards - leading scholars to believe that the creatures must burn a lot of their blood in resuming the temporary living state. It is possible for a vampire to create another by the sharing of their blood, yet this seems to happen very rarely. The best guess being that less numbers are easier to remain hidden, and those instances where another is created, is usually due to some type of strong bond, for example a lover.

Monster Hunters

  • Unique Monster Hunters may appear in the years that follow your kingdom obtaining a member of non-human blood.

Guys have Dicks, Chicks have Tits!

  • The nadamod functionality of adding breasts to females is present
  • Inspired by nadamod's breast traits, males now get dick sizes upon adulthood

Slavery System

  • Enslave prisoners
  • Train them in different focuses until they complete their training in one or more focus and are worthy enough to be branded
  • Once a slave has been branded - they can be kept or sold
  • Slaves trained as soldiers can be set as bodyguards when you opt to keep them.

Random Events

  • Visit from a traveling merchant who after being shown hospitality will gift you with a futanari servant
  • Educating your child (opposite sex only - m/s f/d)
  • Semen Wine fad

New Court decisions

  • Motivate your Chancellor to hurry up with fabricating that claim.
  • Obtain a special Court Jester if you don't already have one.

New buildings that can be constructed

  • Slave Market, slave pens, slavers dungeon
  • Assassins Guild (adds taxable revenue, and ability to recruit and use an assassin)
  • Bordello's and Red Light Districts
  • Warrior's Circle, Arena, or Coliseum
  • Armorer and Master Armorer (shopping available for men and women)
  • Exotic Emporium (shopping option for females only at this time)
  • Medicine Hut / Alchemist Shop (shopping available for men and women)
  • Wizards Lab

The contents of the last nadamod, version 14, although I've moderately tweaked the code.



  • This has a high chance of conflicting with other image replacing mods (such as ReMeDy's Anime image pack)
  • Some oddities have been reported using CK2 builds that are earlier than 2.4.2
  • For folks who don't have all of the CK2 DLC's that include portraits or clothing, directions are in the spoiler block on what to do to make it work.
    In the Dark World folder, go into the interface folder. Delete those files that match DLC that you DO NOT own. Leave the other files alone.

    portraits_african.gfx - African Portraits
    portraits_byzantine.gfx - Mediterranean Portraits
    portraits_celtic.gfx - Celtic Portraits
    portraits_cuman.gfx - Horse Lords Content Pack
    portraits_easternslavic.gfx - Russian Portraits
    portraits_indian.gfx - Rajas of India
    portraits_mesoamerican.gfx - Sunset Invasion
    portraits_mongols.gfx - Mongol Faces
    portraits_muslim_early.gfx - Early Eastern Clothing Pack
    portraits_norse.gfx - Norse Portraits
    portraits_persian.gfx - Persian Portraits
    portraits_saxon.gfx - Early Western Clothing Pack
    portraits_southern.gfx - Iberian Portraits
    portraits_turkish.gfx - Turkish Portraits
    portraits_western_early.gfx - Early Western Clothing Pack


  • If you are upgrading from a version prior to v1.20, you will need to delete the old Dark World mod folder before copying over the latest version.
  • If you had a save game prior to v1.20, please don't upgrade and then wonder why your save game is acting all crazy. Start a new game if you've upgraded after v1.20.
  • This installs like most other Crusader Kings II mods. Just place the contents of the file (.7z files are a zipped file using 7 Zip http://www.7-zip.org/) into your Crusader Kings II mod directory.

Special thanks:

  • ReMeDy for the template used in custom static images & the all the help related to getting it working
  • Aliris for the contribution of some customized religious options for those who follow the path of Lilith.
  • royalturkishcamel for some updated mod trait icons
  • nada for his work on nadamod, which this mod incorporated and heavily evolved
  • genericlogin for his work on the Christianity mod that had me finally say "what the hell, I'll make one too"
  • Zippy57 for a new Lilithian Religious icon
  • Loverslab for the forum environment
  • Paradox for CK2

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I get a child to earn one of the genetic/racial traits in the mod?

It varies. Most genetic/racial types are not compatible, and others have difficulty overcoming the human dna.
- If a succubus mother has a daughter, it is a 25% chance that the daughter will be a succubus.
- If a succubus mother has 100 piety saved, she can pray to Lilith to bless her new born human daughter and awaken the succubus trait.
- If a succubus and an incubus have a child, it will be either a succubus or incubus depending on the child's sex (100% success).
- If a werewolf parent has a son, the son has a 90% chance to also be a werewolf. In the 10% of sons who end up being human, 75% of them may become omega males which makes them subservient to werewolves.
- If a werewolf parent has a daughter, the daughter has a 10% chance to also be a werewolf. In the 90% of daughters who end up being human, 75% of them may become werewolf bitches which makes them subservient to werewolves.
- If a child is somehow conceived by a vampire and werewolf coupling, the child will die due to blood incompatibility (100%).
- If a mother was impregnated by a tentacle creature, she will birth a Tentacle-kin (100%)
- If a parent has divine blood, it will cancel out most other genetic/racial traits.
- If one parent has divine blood, it is a 10% chance to birth a child who will also have the Divine trait.
- If two parents have divine blood, it is a 75% chance to birth a child who will also have the Divine trait.
- If a child has a vampire parent, the child may not survive the birth process, with the age of the vampire influencing the odds of death. (25%, 50%, 75%)
- If a child has a vampire parent and somehow survives birth, there is a small chance that the child may inherit the vampire trait. (20%)
- If a child has one orc parent, they've a 50/50 shot for obtaining the orc trait.
- If a child has two orc parents, they'll get the orc trait 100% of the time.
- If a child has one elf parent, they've a 25% shot for obtaining the elf trait.
- If a child has two elf parents, they'll get the elf trait 100% of the time.
- If a futa mother has a daughter, it is a 20% chance that her daughter is also a futa.
- If a futa mother has a daughter, and she is also a succubus, or if the father is an incubus, then the daughter has a 75% chance of being a futa.
- If a child has a kitsune parent, it has a greater chance to inherit the trait if it's a daughter (25%) versus a son (10%).
- If a both of a child's parents have the kitsune trait, then the child will always receive the trait as well (100%)
- If a child has a neko parent, it has a greater chance to inherit the trait if it's a daughter (50%) versus a son (10%).
- If a both of a child's parents have the neko trait, then the child will always receive the trait as well (100%)
- If an incubus father has a son, it is a 25% chance that the son will be an incubus.

Change Log History from Initial Release (v0.10) up through v1.25

- Added: Completed my initial plans for fairy play options
- Tweak: Adjusted some Harley/Werewolf event code to see if it better handles werewolf players (who're supposed to be excluded).
- Tweak: Some character modifiers
- Tweak: Overhauled my overhaul of the birth traits to reduce processing spam (ai doesn't need some of the parental notifications, trimmed birth event checks from 12 to 2)
- Tweak: Marriage targeted decision now checks to ensure you're not already married, and that the target is at least in diplomatic range.
- Fixed: Wuban pointed out an oversight on the futa birth check that could result in males being futas, which in turn could net them two dicks.
- Fixed: Selena quest loop that took place on the final dominate step.
- Added: New Dark World Campaign Event, roughly 1-3 months in after start-up. Start options: Normal (human), Lilith, Werewolf, Vampire.
- Added: Some new character modifiers to support some new options.
- Added: If a Succubus has a daughter who isn't a succubus, if they've enough piety at the time of the birth, they've one shot to do a spell to awaken the trait in their daughter
- Added: A couple more succubus spells. @ Stage 4, heal yourself of the wounded or maimed status. @ Stage 7 remove the infirm or incapable status from yourself.
- Added: The Rare Item section of the Exotic Emporium now offers up some items for purchase. If you don't see any purchase options, you may not have enough cash (100 gp should always show at least one item).
- Added: Players (only - not enabled yet for npc's even though it was discussed in the forum) can opt to marry someone of the same sex when they're one of the Lilithian religions
- Added: New traits
- Added: The Rare Item section of the Exotic Emporium now offers adult, female, non-Succubus, non-Angels, with 100 gp, the option to purchase a rare Succubus Ritual Tome.
- Added: Play with your fairy decision (intrigue menu), assuming of course you've obtained a fairy.
- Tweak: Overhaul of birth traits being passed onto kids for those of non-human lineage.
- Tweak: Male children from a werewolf parent now have a slight chance of coming out as humans (10%), and if so, they have a chance of getting the omega_male character modifier.
- Tweak: Selling a pleasure slave that is also a virgin nets you a greater profit
- Tweak: Some localization tweaks
- Tweak: Become a Succubus (The Lilith Dream) no longer triggers for every new, player controlled female ruler. It only fires once per campaign, and only if the Lilith start option is selected while playing a female ruler.
- Tweak: Couple Trait tweaks
- Tweak: Only the player can receive the Claire event, and it shouldn't fire if there is still a prior Claire alive from a previous ruler.
- Tweak: Dynasty child fix would sometimes make the child a bastard who couldn't inherit. Tweak should prevent this, maybe.
- Tweak: Modified the Lilith Immortality event, triggers 3 months after reaching stage 7 and has some different text and image.
- Tweak: Virginity starting trait also won't be applied to a seductress.
- Tweak: Modifier adjustments related to slavery, to reflect benefits obtained during training.
- Tweak: Modified a couple succubus spells for better balance
- Fixed: Missing a FROM in the immortality spell.
- Fixed: An issue that was preventing a ruler from being able to resell slaves.
- Fixed: An issue that wasn't properly providing a sale amount based on training that was completed.
- Fixed: Slave was determining whether or not they should sell themselves instead of the slave owner.
- Another attempt at working the kinks out of Rayne and Harley's event.
- Tweak: Major overhaul and streamlining of the slavery system.
- Added: New Lilithian Religion icon, work contributed by Zippy57
- Tweak: Minor Titles adjusted so Lutherian heresies can also have titles.
- Tweak: File size related. ReMeDy pointed out a file I could nix that freed up 8 MB, or about a third of the mod size.
- Tweak: Harley only wants adult werewolves
- Fixed: Bad any_courtier check was giving false positive on Rayne being present for a Harley event.
- Fixed: Was checking the target's piety instead of caster on the Succubus tentacle beast spell
- Fixed: The Self Beautification spell is only intended to be obtained when one reaches Stage 1 Allure.
- Spells overhaul. Spells will require piety instead of life force.
- Added/Tweak: Added an event for when the player target's themselves with the guard dog. This required some modifications to other related events as well.
- Added: Pull your children back into your dynasty via a targeted decision, for when CKII burps and makes them of your husband's dynasty, even though you choose the marriage option that is supposed to make the kids of your dynasty.
- Added: Some variety to some of the spells.
- Added: Aliris's additions for Lilithian minor titles
- Added: Werewolves will receive a custom portrait upon becoming adults.
- Tweak: Select Succubus spells can be cast by any succubus if they meet the correct succubus stage requirement. Lover's Pox Purge requires no stage, so your succubi kids can clean themselves.
- Tweak: Localization edits.
- Tweak: Figured out how to restrict the guard dog to where you can only command Procreo against targets at your location.
- Tweak: Split out the tentacle-kin portrait assignment to not being given until they become an adult (since that's when the custom portrait would appear anyway).
- Fixed: ai_will_do's on the other decisions that weren't specifying ROOT vs FROM
- Fixed: altered the choose one of your own courtiers to be a whore from the Bordello Improvement Quest
- Fixed: The virgin trait wasn't getting rolled out at game start properly thanks to a check I was doing that decided it didn't want to play nice.
- Fixed: Redid the Harley & Rayne and Harley & Werewolf events. I successfully tested Harley and Rayne, but did not test Harley & Werewolf.
- Fixed: werewolf_bitch modifier assignment on birth
- Added: Gladiator trait
- Tweak: Rule Designer cost for being a Virgin has been set to zero.
- Tweak: Some tweaks to a couple buildings
- Tweak: A few localization edits.
- Fixed: ai_will_do Cast issue may have been checking the wrong thing (if this works - thanks to zia for patiently working through it with me).
- Fixed: Missing an OR on one of the dog command event options
- Fixed: Missing the cost of the dog
- Fixed: Found the targeted Succubus Tentacle spell wasn't returning a result event to the caster like it was intended.
- Added another FROM to the dog command event, as I may have been miscasting it.
- 00_minor_titles.txt returns.
- Merged dw_traits, nada_traits, remedy_portrait_traits into one file, for save game compatibility improvement
- Mod compatibility improvements as there is no longer a full overwrite of landed_titles.txt or 00_minor_titles.txt
- Added: Another stage on the Bordello Improvement event
- Added: ReMeDy's fix for the static portraits for those who own the Early Eastern Clothing DLC.
- Added: Virgin trait
- Added: Command for your guard dog
- Tweak: Minor edits to various Lilith related events.
- Fixed: Missing event call in Fall of Selene event.
- Fixed: A change was made at some point where I broke Vladimir. He's now fixed.
- Fixed: Bad pregnancy target caused the wrong person to get knocked up in a futa on female event
- Added: Another monster hunter
- Added: A new event that can trigger during the semen wine event.
- Tweak: Slight adjustment to the prisoner rape event. Moved it from a base frequency of 4 months to 6 before modifiers impact it.
- Fixed: Missing religion check for enatic_succession
- Fixed: Fenris's annual hunt will no longer violate someone underage. It'll simply kill them instead.
- Fixed: Succubus make a futa spell now grants them a big dick as well (was only giving the trait previously)
- Fixed: Court Chaplain event shouldn't repeat any longer once they assume one of the lilithian faiths.
- Fixed: Was checking for a flag instead of a modifier in a Monster Hunter event.
- Added: New Monster Hunter, Buffy the, uh, pointy tooth critter hunter
- Added: A little more content for when visiting the whore house
- Added: Random event for Selene
- Added: Random event for Mey
- Added: Random event for hunters with a bad dog
- Added: Another Succubus spell
- Added: Another option for protecting yourself against being targeted by an assassin.
- Added: Ascend (remove the immortal trait from yourself)
- Added: Lilithian religion group to the crusade casus belli option. (thanks to centerflag982 for digging out the change to be made).
- Update: Exotic Emporium event updated. New purchase options.
- Update: Some additions and alterations to slavery that will make it less cluttered for me, plus some events are from the slaves perspective, just in case any of you find yourself enslaved.
- Tweak: A little balance attempt to the working as a whore for ai
- Fixed: Wasn't removing old ritual spell power upon increasing it.
- Fixed: Missing flag if Rayne falls and turns you into a vampire
- Added: New Monster Hunter, the futanari Mey
- Added: Expanded the tentacle rape spell with a couple of events regarding the spell. Plus a chance a raped female may become pregnant.
- Added: New sex slavery event for male slaves (cunnilingus)
- Added: Random event for Rayne. (potential death, potential conversion to a vampire, potential hunter corruption, which removes her from active Monster Hunts)
- Tweak: Updated sex slavery to use character modifier tokens instead of flags, so you'll better know the slave's status.
- Tweak: Reduced odds of female offspring receiving the werewolf trait. It is intended that there are very few female werewolves, thus the need for human women breeders.
- Fixed: In a move of "I've no idea what I was thinking", pulling a train in sex slavery training was raising the slave labor level instead of slave sex level.
- Fixed: An odd error with the Self-cast tentacle event
- Added: Another option to the Bordello improvement quest event.
- Fixed: Tentacle rape and cheap whore spells were doing a check for a flag instead of a modifier.
- Added: Another summon random option for Succubus
- Added: Another Succubus spell
- Added: A Harley / Rayne event
- Added: Bordello improvement quest (only one stage done so I could get the fixes below out)
- Added: Aliris's modifications to the minor titles and job titles that allow women to hold positions under the Lilithian faith. And a shout-out to genericlogin for his pointing it out.
- Fixed: Made the male orc an actual male. default_tongue.png
- Fixed: Religion assignment giving the wrong one in some situations
- Fixed: Had an unnecessary requirement for a couple of the ritual Succubus spells
- Fixed: Updated Succession Laws to take into account lilithian_west and lilithian_east
- Tweak: Outfits bought while shopping provide a two year benefit instead of one year.
- Tweak: Prison rape frequency scenario adjusted
- Added: Locations that Lilithian religions could call for Holy Wars against.
- Added/Tweak: Altered the Succubus spell list after some consideration. There are 8 potential spells presently.
- Added: ReMeDy's recent image fix for those who also own the Early Western Clothing pack DLC.
- Added: Aliris's work on some additional custom religion options
- Tweak: Overhauled Succubus spell casting. Now there is simply Succubus Spell Power instead of 3 different tiers
- Fixed: Bad title localization on prisoner rape event


- Added: Another Harley event
- Added: New Monster Hunter, the Dark Elf Verrona
- Added: Fenris and Vlad may now obtain lands of their own after a decade if things work out for them.
- Added: Generic Werewolf hunting for non-Red Riding Sisterhood monster hunters
- Added: Once your Succubus accepts the Lilithian religion, she can do a targeted conversion on her court chaplain
- Fixed: Lilithian faith now shows the reformed button, and can indeed be reformed (difficult, but possible).
- Tweak: Players no longer notified about Vlad and Fenris start, as it was primarily for debugging
- Tweak: Adjusted how Harley events are handled (if you reject her, she goes to another court).
- Tweak: You can only motivate your own Chancellor


- Tweak: Some localization and event structure update related to the Messalian now becoming Lilithian.
- Fixed: Some conditions that were still looking for Messalian instead of Lilithian.
- Fixed: At some point a flag image appears to have gotten corrupted, which caused a rare CTD on load.
- Fixed: Some token correction to reduce error.txt entries (ck2 prefers I put a zero in front of decimals)


- Added: Unique religion Lilithian, for those who travel down the Succubus event line.
- Added: Enatic-Cognatic and Enatic succession possibilities.
- Added: Some Monster Hunters will now hunt vampires in the realm on occasion. (Very basic - don't okay them hunting you unless you want to die.)
- Added: New Prisoner rape decision event. Replaces the nadamod version. Potential for pregnancy. Only male rulers on female prisoners presently.
- Tweak: Victim trait got tweaked as well as its icon
- Fixed: A missing localization for the female slave blowjob event and tweaked some other entries.
- Fixed: Fenris and Vladimir should no longer hunt if they're a prisoner.
- Fixed: Small error in the alchemy breast enlarging potion.


- Fixed: prisoner checks on whoring and shopping
- Fixed: Bela retraining you to be a monster hunter every few years
- Fixed: A rather noticeable spelling error.
- Fixed: Fenris and Vladimir's hunting was grabbing too many folks.


- Fixed: Small scope issue for Fenris and Vladimir that was grabbing more people than intended.


- Added: More events - related to Monster Hunters & werewolves, new female looking for male whore
- Added: War on humanity - The Ancients have appeared (werewolves and vampires will spawn during gameplay until the Ancient being of their kind is killed.)
- Added: New Succubus Spell
- Fixed: bad inheritance check for a child getting the incubus or succubus trait


- Added: Monster Hunters
- Tweak: Assassin's got modified
- Tweak: Cash on hand checks for several shopping options that were missing them


- Added: Monster Hunter Selene
- Fixed: Werewolf bitch modifier properly assigned on child birth
- Fixed: A hole where a female liege could trigger Jus Primae Noctis


- Added: New on_marriage event for player controlled male rulers - Jus Primae Noctis ("right of the first night")
- Tweak: Added an adult check to part of the Semen Wine fad event.
- Tweak: Moved Futa merchant from the yearly to the decade on_actions pulse check.
- Tweak: Balancing of the potential for obtaining the homosexual trait when whoring with the same sex.
- Fixed: What will hopefully be the last bad werewolf bounce in the feral event.
- Fixed: Slave opinion duration of their master
- Tweak: Had to move the alchemy shop up to the castle level in order for it to be visited via the shopping decision


- Update: Female education upon reaching adulthood is now a little more than a placeholder event.
- Update: Slight expansion to the Futa Merchant event and it is now a random on_action event.
- Update: Overhaul to Whoring - females can go to the whorehouse, choices based on cash and quality of whores available, and more.
- Fixed: add_lover error in the Werewolf Bitch event had the werewolf both keeping the bitch and himself as lovers
- Fixed: bad bounce had the ruler potentially getting wounded when it should have been your werewolf courtier.
- Tweak: Added is_female check for one of the Semen Wine options so it matches the event that follows
- Fixed: A bad bounce in the vampire ball event that could banish the ruler.
- Fixed: Removed old check on the immortal trait that could remove it after granting it via the new Succubus spell mechanism
- Tweak: Added a prisoner check to the Werewolf Bitch event, although it was a bit funny when considered
- Added: A province flags that will be used if Sexual Crusader exists, intended for SC to recognize certain Dark World buildings
- Tweak: Futanari's over the age of 50 won't try to seduce you.


- Added: New moderate Succubus spell
- Added: Medicine Hut/Alchemist Shop/Wizards Lab (tribal/city/castle)
- Added: You can go shopping at the Medicine Hut or Alchemist Lab (Wizards Lab is going to be different)
- Added: A flag for use by MuteDay's Sexual Crusaders mod
- Added: New trait (mage)
- Added: Simple Vampire event (random chance to trigger on the decade - 10 year - pulse)
- Tweak: Another option to back out of receiving a futanari courtier
- Fixed: Incubus / Succubus baby now accounts for both father and real_father
- Fixed: Exploit that allowed you to be sneaky and purchase multiple Assassins if you had the cash
- Fixed: Lack of an actual death cause on one of the werewolf tracks
- Fixed: A missing is_adult check
- Fixed: Bad format on a werewolf birth check
- Fixed: Pregnancy check on an event that could lead to double preggers


- Fixed: Opinion issue in Feral Werewolf event
- Fixed: Misbounce when you didn't become a werewolf bitch
- Added: New simple Werewolf event. A Werewolf in someone's court will use a Werewolf Bitch (random if more than one).
- Tweak: Any female born werewolves are automatically given the Werewolf Bitch modifier (although it doesn't get used until they're an adult)


- Fixed: If raped by the feral & you get pregnant, you should now have a werewolf child.
- Fixed: Corrected a small dna issue with the created werewolf
- Added: Slave Training Tooltips. Options will let you know if a type of training has better odds for inexperienced or experienced slaves, and average number of days.
- Added: New Slave Warrior Training option for females (Finesse)
- Added: Slave Warrior level tracking. See where they are in their five stages by looking at their character modifier. (proof of concept)
- Tweak: Just to be safe, set some traits to ensure they're not randomly handed out (thanks MuteDay)
- Added: File that will let MuteDay's Sexual Crusader's mod know that Dark World is active
- Fixed: Werewolf birth trait (thanks Fuzzis)
- Tweak: Switched the Feral Werewolf event to player only. I'd like to open it full up at some point, but that would need more decade pulse events.
- Fixed: A couple werewolf event misfires on that would hit the ruler instead of the werewolf


- Added: Annual check for breast and penis size, as there are ways to generate NPC's without the traits during play
- Added: New minor Succubus spell
- Fixed: Immortality Spell Exploit
- Fixed: Bad bounce that had you becoming your own lover


- Added: Awakening of Claire at Succubus stage 7 (should happen after ~ 300 days)
- Added: Obtain an Incubus courtier event after Succubus stage 7 (should happen after ~ 600 days)
- Added: Feral Werewolf event (random chance to trigger once a decade)
- Added: ReMeDy's custom image solution (images for Claire, Harley)
- Added: Another random Harley event
- Added: When a Succubus and Incubus make a child, the child will always be one or the other
- Added: Monster Hunter trait
- Added: Slaves who complete training as soldiers can become a Bodyguard if kept.
- Added: A Succubus can opt to collect a target's life force to power a spell
- Added: Birth check - a child of a vampire and werewolf will perish due to incompatible blood types. Otherwise a child will obtain the werewolf trait
- Tweaked: Reduced an issue that allowed you to obtain a second Harley upon ruler death, now it won't happen as long as the original is still the court jester
- Tweaked: Harley's event frequency increased (was every 10 months, now every 720 days or ~ two years.)
- Tweaked: Harley has a chance to get knocked up during the guard gang-bang
- Tweaked: If a Slave is kept, they receive a positive opinion of their master due to the brainwashing
- Tweaked: Set a minimum age for a slave (6 years old). Note: Sex Slave training requires a slave to be an adult.
- Tweaked: A ruler with a slave bodyguard can greatly reduce the chances of a successful assassination attempt
- Fixed: Exploit that allowed rulers to squeeze in two Blood Moons a year.
- Fixed: Futa children now get their dick sizes upon becoming adults
- Fixed: Harley should only swallow adult swords now
- Fixed: Slaves that have land should abdicate their holdings once branded


- Added more slave training options
- Fix: Added a missing pregnancy check to the whoring aspect, where a john would opt to still cum inside
- Fix: Added a missing picture to one of the random Court Jester events.
- Added some new looks to the trait icons, contributed by royalturkishcamel


- Added first punishment option (Pillory) that can motivate (good), break (bad) or have no result in training.
- *Fix: was missing the pieces that moved a kept slave back to your court
- *Fix: had an instance where a futa event meant for a male also fired for females
- Added another Court Jester event for some added variety
- Added another slave training option (Laborer - Serving Wench (female only))


- *Fix: the cost for the assassin's mission was checking the target instead of the sender.
- *Fix: Slave Sex Training - misleading placement old place holder text.
- *Fix: Slave Skilled Training - missing check at branding decision has been included.
- Added more slave training options (Warrior - Defense, Skilled - Female Dancer, Warrior - Showmanship)
- Added option for personal participation if you're a male liege, in the Sex - Blowjob training with a female slave


- *Attempted Fix: Rare bug where whores would sometimes spam babies. Fix involved rewriting nadamod's whoring.
- *Tweaked: Added a cost for covering expenses when sending out an assassin
- *Tweaked: Altered building requirements for when a game first starts, lessening the chance of some being pre-built
- Lilith event of Adopting the Messalian Faith will trigger about a month after your 2nd Blood Moon as intended
- Added some more random events
- An event for the King or Emperor who doesn't have a Court Jester
- Slavery system is in place. Very generic events at some stages, but those will improve with future updates, much like Blood Moon events.
- Players can now also visit the Armorer with the Go Shopping decision (male and female options - female bikini armor as requested).
- Immortality event will trigger about a six months after reaching Succubus Stage 7, unless already immortal.


- *Fix: Futas from the merchant now should start with their breast size instead of having to wait some months
- *Fix: Assassins work more as intended, only one should be hired at a time, and they should only be able to take on one assassin job every 90 days.
- *Fix: Assassins also are created with tit/dick traits as appropriate for their sex.


- *Fixed an error with the Go Shopping decision for the Exotic Emporium.
- Vampire, Werewolf, Incubus, Divine traits added.
- With a Slavers Dungeon, you can now designate prisoners to be Slaves for training. (doesn't include actual training yet, coming in v0.50)
- Added another random Blood Moon event


- Buildings, buildings, buildings. Some previously planned, others inspired by the nomad additions from the recent DLC
- Moved slave market to city, added slave pens for tribal, slavers dungeon for castle
- Removed nadamod buildings (to remove a potential conflict issue with Christianity mod)
- Added Bordello for castles, Red Light District for cities
- Added Warrior's Circle for tribal, Arena for castle, Coliseum for city
- Added Armorer for tribal, Master Armorer for castle (improves defensive quality of some units)
- Added Exotic Emporium for a capital castle. An inspired take on nadamod's Silk Workshop, with stuff for females to buy currently
- The futanari who is gifted to you by the traveling merchant can now be used in one of your court positions, the martial one can also command troops
- Some more new traits for use by other events, plus a -50 year cheat trait for use in Ruler Designer
- Guys get dick sizes now (tiny, average, big, huge), this involved more nadamod integration, resulting in nada_on_actions no longer being used
- Corrected an error in the Blood Moon event that wasn't handling piety gain/loss correctly
- Corrected an error where son/daughter education was triggering properly
- Some minor description clean-up and corrections on how previous events/decisions were meant to trigger
- Added an event for players who use the ruler designer, to where it should trigger and give you your dick or tit size trait after about a month
- Added a few other events, a couple Lilith related


- Blood Moon Celebrations underwent total rebuild. Sacrifice prisoners, random events, Succubus evolution.
- Added some image variety
- Added some random events
- Added some more traits
- Recruit an assassin and use them against your foes if you've constructed an Assassins Guild


- Added ability to motivate Chancellor
- Added Assassins Guild building
- Cleaned up code errors found by CK2 Validate


v0.10 Initial Release


What's New in Version 1.25


  • v1.25
  • - Added: Completed my initial plans for fairy play options
  • - Tweak: Adjusted some Harley/Werewolf event code to see if it better handles werewolf players (who're supposed to be excluded).
  • - Tweak: Some character modifiers
  • - Tweak: Overhauled my overhaul of the birth traits to reduce processing spam (ai doesn't need some of the parental notifications, trimmed birth event checks from 12 to 2)
  • - Tweak: Marriage targeted decision now checks to ensure you're not already married, and that the target is at least in diplomatic range.
  • - Fixed: Wuban pointed out an oversight on the futa birth check that could result in males being futas, which in turn could net them two dicks.
  • - Fixed: Selena quest loop that took place on the final dominate step.

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