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  1. [CK2] Dark World: Reborn - Updated 18JUN2020

    Dark World Reborn
    Requires Crusader Kings 2. In my testing I used version 3.3.3
    Part of the Succubus Seduction path uses the Way of Life DLC (you can just opt to not use the Kiss of Seduction if you don't have that DLC)
    Part of the Societies may call on content from the Monk and Mystics expansion.
    Dark World Reborn v1.84a
    Drax70's Event Image Alternatives: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/57549-mod-ck2-dark-world-reborn-updated-17may2020/page/192/?tab=comments#comment-3039523
    Mod Installation:
    With the game getting so many new players since it went free to play, I've finally broken down and put together some installation instructions. So now folks can simply be referred to the front page of either the mod download or the support page.
    The goal of Dark World Reborn will to make it as compatible as possible with other mods, when it is reasonable. Make me aware of an issue and I'll see if it can be addressed.
    What is this mod:
    Dark World Reborn is intended to be an adult fantasy mod. If you're not interested in the fantasy elements, there is still other content in the mod - from buildings such as brothels and slave markets, to events such as spending time with your loved one.
    This game has numerous Game Rules that can be used to fine tune your play experience if something doesn't interest you.
    Man kind rules the Earth. The mod includes the potential to have non-human races. However, this mod doesn't introduce them in any large numbers. That is because mankind has driven the non-human races into near extinction. Those that survive are in hiding, living in the fringes of civilization. So outside of a pair of major NPC's that get seeded (Fenris the wolf, Vlad the vampire), other non-humans may or may not be encountered during game play.

    It is important to note that Mankind predated many of the races and outnumbered them when they appeared. The appearance of many races took place during a phenomena that sages sometimes refer to as The Crossing. For about a century, Earth and the world of the Fae had a convergence, where some of their natives crossed over. To most of the world, this convergence is nothing more than another fable, yet the genetic mark of those that crossed over remains.

    NOTE: Some other mods go heavier on the non-human races, seeding them throughout the world. Dark World Reborn strives to be mod friendly, so using DWR with those other mods should be fine.
    Game Rule - Dark World Campaign:
    One of the Dark World Reborn has a game rules is 'Dark World Campaigns'. It is important to realize that this is just a quick start way to get some traits (such as starting as a Vampire), along with a narrative to help create a mind set for play. You can totally ignore the narrative, it's just meant to help those interested with a role-playing angle. A few campaigns do include special events specific to that campaign. For example - Rise of the Pack where you start as a Werewolf, gives you a narrative of being tasked by Fenris with helping the werewolves achieve dominance over mankind. At some point after you start, you'll get an event unique to this campaign where he sends you some aid and a potential courtier.
    If you select a campaign, you'll need to trigger it manually. Look at the Decisions on the Intrigue menu for your campaign start.
    Note: If you do something like select the 'Rise of the Pack' Campaign, but turn off 'Classic Monsters' - you'll bork things up and not get your decision. Reason being, Werewolves are considered Classic Monster content. So don't defeat yourself.

    So why start with a campaign option? Some folks want to start as a Vampire. Due to randomization, if you don't start as one, it could be years into the game before the chance appeared, and then, it might result in death instead of being turned.
    Non-Human Races:
    Note: there are no 'True Bloods' in DWR. While mankind was successful in pushing non-humans to extinction, those non-human races live on via descendants that are part human/part non-human. It's one reason non-human races are able to largely hide, by passing off as normal humans, unless they do something that exposes their heritage. So it's a planet with a bunch of half-breeds if you want to get picky.

    Now, many of those half-breeds have been accepted over time. Especially those who don't have a history of violence against humans. Still, people in general still are wary of the weird, and while they may not be automatically hostile towards some, there may still be a negative opinion hit.
    Non-Human Tolerance Law
    There are three stages. By default, any non-human race that is viewed as generally being a violent non-human species, can be arrested (via targeted decision). The law can be changed from the middle, to be completely tolerant (all non-humans are accepted), or to completely intolerant (all non-humans are criminal).
    Outside of the targeted decision to attempt to arrest someone, additional events may be influenced by the level of the law. For example - if your land sees all non-humans as criminals, then a non-human may opt to avoid your lands (thus preventing an event from firing).
    Heroes and Villains Content:
    What is coming next:
    - More content (new events)
    - Vampire feeding tweaks (feed on slaves!)
    - Simplify, overhaul slavery
    What is planned for the future (in no particular order):
    - Overhaul the arena interaction
    - Revisit Alchemist and Emporium shopping, merging some into the Wizard Tower shopping.
    - Revisit the 2 societies and determine whether they'll get more content or be removed
    Special Thanks:
    - ReMeDy for the assistance on the Custom Portraits mod, and your time in answering both my questions and those of some other folks in the support thread.
    - Genericlogin for his Christianity mod that got me interested in modding for CK2 in the first place
    - Lockeslylcrit and the work that was done over the past year with DWF.
    - Drax70 for a variety of image resizing and event contributions.
    - Jim Raynor for some event contributions.
    - Aliris, RustiYeti, YiffMeister, ngppgn, JIBECaid01, Veedanya, Sybreal for code or icon art contributions.
    - ngppgn's work on making a larger event window (original resource: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/74137-bigger-events/)
    - Dem8840 for contributing some story and item ideas
    - Black Yoru, NeoSniper and others for various compatibility/patch mods that have helped others enjoy the mod.
    - Lover's Lab for having this environment.
    - Paradox for making CK2 so mod friendly and the continued support and content releases.
    Dark World Reborn Change Log History



  2. [CK2] Heroes and Villains - Discontinued

    NOTE: In order to make my life easier, this mod has been merged into the Dark World Reborn mod.
    Dark World Reborn offers a number of Game Rule options, so if you only like the Heroes and Villains stuff, you can turn off most of the other parts.
    The information below is regarding the last stand alone version of Heroes and Villains.
    About this mod
    Heroes and Villains is a stand alone mod for Crusader Kings 2.
    It has no DLC requirements, however, if you do have the Reapers Due DLC, then part of the mod will utilize some of its content.
    This mod is NOT lore friendly.
    What's in this mod?
    Be a hero or villain (this is optional, however a portion of the game play looks for one or the other) Rulers have the ability to identify themselves as a hero or a villain (trait via Decision) Declare a Nemesis (via Targeted Decision - right clicking on the target's portrait) Recruit other heroes or villains like yourself. Requires a Lair or Hall, recruit henchmen (Villains) or sidekicks (Heroes) Due to only having 4 options, and one being a generic villain or hero, it will only list up to 3 named recruit options. Check back after hiring one of the 3 named and another name may then appear. Not every NPC in the game comes via recruitment. A number of them come through random events. New traits Some related to heroes and villains, such as Agile, Mind Control, or Resilience Some related to races, such as symbiotes, demon-kin, or therianthropes And a trio of age cheat traits for those wanting to use the Ruler Designer to build your own ruler Construct special buildings Lairs and Halls for use by any heroes or villains Great Inn - an investment to help your economy - additional game play interactions coming Wizard Tower - additional game play interactions coming Tweak some mod settings via a Decision Why not a game rule? - because that seemed to confuse people, so now it's just a Descision Default: Named NPCs respawn is on, you can turn it off Default: Bestiality is off, you can turn it on Default: Symbiotes/Tentacle-kin is on, you can turn it off Random Events Some related to heroes or villains you may have recruited Others meant to add variety to game play in general Visit the Wizard Tower to shop for potions or artifacts, recruit magic based heroes/villains, or even train to become a mage if your learning is high enough. Potential nicknames for those who are heroic or villainous Spend time with your lover/spouse/consort/concubine Numerous quality of life options such as being able to use a Targeted Decision to remove a custom portrait you don't like, or forbid a target from giving themselves one at all And there is more that isn't listed above.  
    Tested and played using Crusader Kings 2, version 3.3.0
    I rarely play with mods other than my own, so I don't often know if this mod is fully compatible with another mod or not. Items listed below I've either put some checks in the code to try and account for their presence, or I've heard from others that it's fine. So take this list with a grain of salt.
    Christianity - no known issues Dark World Fantasy - no known issues Dark World Tentacles - no known issues (after compatibility update from HV 0.7) Stand Alone Physical Traits (SAPT) - zero issues  
    Who's in the mod so far
    Note: people listed can be introduced to the game through one of two methods - recruitment (after building the hall or lair), or through events. Some will be eligible to be found through both methods.
    Work in Progress
    - work on the Visit the Grand Inn content
    - remove the 'Do a Mission' decision event, and instead have Decisions where you can visit the Hall or Lair (dependent on what your ruler is), and in there, you'd be able to do what's currently part of 'Do a Mission' as well as some other potential planned actions.
    - Mixed in with the above will be more events for existing npcs and content.
    Pipe Dreams
    - Player start event that allows custom image and trait assignment
    Change Log
    Special Thanks
    - ReMeDy who's work in custom portraits I still use
    - Genericlogin for his Christianity mod that got me interested in modding for CK2 in the first place
    - ngppgn's work on making a larger event window (original resource: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/74137-bigger-events/)
    - lockeslylcrit for going over some approaches to improve compatibility for players
    - Lover's Lab for having this environment.
    - Paradox for making CK2 so mod friendly and the continued support and content releases.



  3. [CK2] Stand Alone Sexual Traits (SAST) - Upd 22.JUL.2019

    About this mod
    Stand Alone Sexual Traits (SAST) is a stand alone mod for Crusader Kings 2.
    It has no DLC requirements.
    What is this mod?
    I've seen requests in the past - and just recently again, where someone asked whether there was a stand alone mod that added physical sex traits (tits, dicks, etc.). The mods that do (Christianity and Dark World) include content that might be outside of a player's current interest, yet they're still interested in the physical traits. So - I finally got around to creating one.
    - This mod introduces physical traits of an adult sexual nature to Crusader Kings 2 (dicks, tits, potential for feminine men and masculine women)
    - This mod is NOT a sex event mod. Outside of providing new traits to use in your game play, it does little else.
    - Breast traits are known by all, as their size is visible.
    - Dick traits are hidden, unless someone would have reason to know (lovers, spouse, etc.)
    - Trait effects have been toned down from what is seen in Dark World (not certain how they compare to Christianity at this point), to something a little more realistic.
    - There is a random event that may occur that will give the opportunity for those with large junk, to make it known to all.
    Note: I kept the Dark World flags (ie - dw_junk_checked) to help with compatibility, so a generic mod that uses them may find themselves compatible not only with SAST, but also Dark World Fantasy (or Reborn if any are still using it).
    I've included some compatibility checks to try and not have CK2 shit a log if someone runs this with Christianity or Dark World Fantasy, and from an event perspective you're probably alright, yet from a trait perspective, you're likely to invoke madness that will consume your soul. So don't do it.
    Christianity - DON'T USE WITH THIS Dark World Fantasy - DON'T USE WITH THIS Dark World Reborn - DON'T USE WITH THIS  
    Work in Progress
    - Nothing current
    Pipe Dreams
    - Perhaps the inclusion of some childhood influence events like lockeslylcrit added to the Dark World Fantasy - Dick and Tits mod.
    - Perhaps some random events where things like a guy's dick size gets discovered outside of their lovers.
    Special Thanks
    - to the author of Nadamod, the original mod that introduced Tit and Bombshell traits years ago
    - to genericlogin, the author of the Christianity mod, who's mod inspired me to make my own
    - to lockeslylcrit, who's idea for the feminine male, and masculine female traits were a great progression making the trap trait irrelevant
    - ngppgn and the work on the bigger event window
    - Lover's Lab for having this environment.
    - Paradox for making CK2 so mod friendly and the continued support and content releases.
    Modding related information
    The following information is here to potentially help those seeking to interface with this mod, or to call on/use its functionality within their own.
    Global flag - sast_is_present Checking for this can be useful in ensuring that someone is running the mod if you've dependencies on content within this mod Scripted effects add_tits - Gives a character a tit size if they don't already have them. add_cock - Gives a character a dick size if they don't already have one. Scripted triggers has_cock - Checks to see if the target has a cock - not the trait. For example, if it's a man, but not a eunuch. has_a_big_dick - Checks, well, to see they've got a big dick. Looks at the dick traits.



  4. FAPU

    Current Version uploaded: 0.74 Uploaded on November 1, 2017
    Q. What is that Mirror Link?
    A. The Mirror Link points to a directory where I have placed the software for you to download. There are two versions. One is for PC's (Windows or Linux) and the other is for Mac's. Select the one that applies to you, unzip and play as desired.
    Q. What is FAPU?
    A. It's my having fun learning how to use Ren'Py and Python, while also building on an idea I had after playing a similar game called Ashford Academy. Ashford Academy has you playing the role of a High School Principal, while FAPU has you taking on the role of a University Dean, in the future where Earth isn't alone in the universe. Since universities (at least in America) enjoy using acronyms a lot, I opted to do the same. FAPU stands for Federation of Allied Planets University.
    Q. But what kind of game is FAPU?
    A. Well, it's a hybrid of sorts. A lot of RenPy games are linear style visual novels. While FAPU uses some of those elements, it's not linear, nor is it a visual novel. The university has specific stats that can be increased through events. Events are triggered by visiting different areas during the course of the day. It uses a day-planner like set-up, where you've three periods (Morning, Afternoon, Evening) where you can go to certain locations. Each location visited triggers an event. Some events are purely random - other events require you to achieve certain thresholds (such as a certain social rating, a certain building level, a certain affection level) - and there are some unique events that only run once (and many of these require certain thresholds be achieved). Plus, some events can change over the course of a game. For example, an event where you interact with someone may result in different dialog or choices as you progress and reach different thresholds. For the most part though, it is intended to be an open game, where you control the flow of what you experience. It does have some Game Over points, and just how many can be tracked in the event chart below.
    Q. Why are the right choices in some areas are completely obvious?
    A. When I hear this, I feel that is someone thinks a 'right' choice is obvious, then they're over simplifying the game. If you do a play through where you're a 'good' Dean, then you're missing content that would be there if you play a 'bad' Dean - and vice versa. Some NPC's prefer one approach over the other. So if you're very complimentary to someone who likes the bad or aggressive type, then you may either get a negative rating with them or get placed in the *shudder* friend zone. That said - I'm not trying to trick people either, so it would hopefully be relatively easy to figure out what kind of interaction someone may prefer. But for those that think you HAVE to be either good or bad in the game, that's not true at all. Good, bad, or a mixture all work - and each has some rewards and risks.
    Q. What's with the mirror and a lack of actual LoversLab download links?
    A. The game has grown to over 100MB in size, which means it exceeds the upload limit for Lover's Lab. Once I decide I'm done, I'll likely upload a version that is broken into parts, but for now since it is still largely a work in progress, I'm just going to be using the file link feature.
    Q. It seems a little sparse in some areas.
    A. Yes, I agree completely. From a features point of view, it's largely at the point where I plan on taking it. From a content point of view, it still needs work, and that's my primary focus going forward is adding more events.
    Events by location (include random & story type events):
    (Location: # of run once events, # of always random chance events, # of conditional random events)
    Arcane College: 1 6 2 = 9
    Beach: 0 6 3 = 9
    Cafeteria: 1 7 3 = 11
    Campus: 3 7 9 = 19
    Catacombs: 1 3 2 = 6
    Church: 1 3 7 = 11
    Classroom: 6 5 18 = 29
    Dance Club: 1 3 4 = 8
    Dean Home: 6 2 2 = 10
    Dean Office: 13 3 4 = 19
    Dormitory: 0 6 5 = 10
    Downtown: 2 6 8 = 16
    Gym: 1 5 5 = 11
    Infirmary: 0 3 2 = 5
    Library: 0 5 6 = 11
    Onsen: 0 2 5 = 7
    Pool: 0 7 4 = 11
    Science Lab: 2 3 5 = 9
    Security: 3 2 4 = 9
    Sports Field: 0 4 1 = 5
    Student Lounge: 0 4 1 = 5
    Good Endings: 0
    Bad Endings: 5
    Potential Dean Potential Sex Events (some are available only to certain genders): 11
    Potential Dean Adventures: 0.1




  5. [CK2] Dark World

    Mod Requires:
    Crusader Kings 2 (tested with 2.4.5 build) Way of Life DLC The various Portraits DLC's - with a work around included in the Incompatibilities section below

    What is this mod:
    This mod isn't a historical mod. It's meant to be an enjoyable play session with aspects of the adult content increased, in some cases to a fantastical level since it involves things like being a descendant of Lilith if you're a female ruler, who in turns awakens her gift in you that grants succubus like abilities. If you're opt not to become a succubus, there is still content to be enjoyed, from the futanari merchant, to methods that can speed up your chancellor's ability to fabricate a claim, to aspects of the now discontinued nadamod that include things such as a brothel that you can visit (if a male) or whore yourself out of (if you're a female). There's more, not all of it sexual, but much of it still adult oriented, and I'm including it in this one mod because I don't want to make multiple mods.

    Current Mod Features
    Blood of Lilith
    Female rulers will be visited by Lilith who offers to awaken her power in their blood New decisions and events are available for those who accept the embrace. Succubus Seduction (allows Way of Life seduction to be used against previously forbidden targets) Drain a Lover's life energy Blood Moon Celebration with random events Cure self of Lover's Pox Chance to establish the Lilithian faith Cast spells based on your Succubus stage Reach the peak of the Succubus progression and receive more custom events




    Monster Hunters
    Unique Monster Hunters may appear in the years that follow your kingdom obtaining a member of non-human blood.

    Guys have Dicks, Chicks have Tits!
    The nadamod functionality of adding breasts to females is present Inspired by nadamod's breast traits, males now get dick sizes upon adulthood

    Slavery System
    Enslave prisoners Train them in different focuses until they complete their training in one or more focus and are worthy enough to be branded Once a slave has been branded - they can be kept or sold Slaves trained as soldiers can be set as bodyguards when you opt to keep them.

    Random Events
    Visit from a traveling merchant who after being shown hospitality will gift you with a futanari servant Educating your child (opposite sex only - m/s f/d) Semen Wine fad

    New Court decisions
    Motivate your Chancellor to hurry up with fabricating that claim. Obtain a special Court Jester if you don't already have one.

    New buildings that can be constructed
    Slave Market, slave pens, slavers dungeon Assassins Guild (adds taxable revenue, and ability to recruit and use an assassin) Bordello's and Red Light Districts Warrior's Circle, Arena, or Coliseum Armorer and Master Armorer (shopping available for men and women) Exotic Emporium (shopping option for females only at this time) Medicine Hut / Alchemist Shop (shopping available for men and women) Wizards Lab

    The contents of the last nadamod, version 14, although I've moderately tweaked the code.

    This has a high chance of conflicting with other image replacing mods (such as ReMeDy's Anime image pack) Some oddities have been reported using CK2 builds that are earlier than 2.4.2 For folks who don't have all of the CK2 DLC's that include portraits or clothing, directions are in the spoiler block on what to do to make it work.

    If you are upgrading from a version prior to v1.20, you will need to delete the old Dark World mod folder before copying over the latest version. If you had a save game prior to v1.20, please don't upgrade and then wonder why your save game is acting all crazy. Start a new game if you've upgraded after v1.20. This installs like most other Crusader Kings II mods. Just place the contents of the file (.7z files are a zipped file using 7 Zip http://www.7-zip.org/) into your Crusader Kings II mod directory.

    Special thanks:
    ReMeDy for the template used in custom static images & the all the help related to getting it working Aliris for the contribution of some customized religious options for those who follow the path of Lilith. royalturkishcamel for some updated mod trait icons nada for his work on nadamod, which this mod incorporated and heavily evolved genericlogin for his work on the Christianity mod that had me finally say "what the hell, I'll make one too" Zippy57 for a new Lilithian Religious icon Loverslab for the forum environment Paradox for CK2

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: How do I get a child to earn one of the genetic/racial traits in the mod?

    Change Log History from Initial Release (v0.10) up through v1.25




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