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HGEC and ZKEC Body Tweaks + Beast Races

About This File

These are some tweaks I made to certain body types I like.

I lack the knowledge on certain features the SetBody team uses to... do whatever it is they do to "sanitize" (is that right?) body models in the collection

So I made these as somekind of "mashup" of body parts, all carefully stitched in geometry and texture.

I have to leave them as a modder's resource in hope that maybe someone else can take it from here.

Like I said, I don't know the process they are following, but I made all of these, using models from SetBody Reloaded - Blockhead. Hopefulyy, the "damage" is not too great


In this file:

-New lowerbody variations for ZKEC and HGEC, made female genitalia more "delicate"

-New and previously nonexistent ZKEC D-Cup

-Compilation of beast race legs and feet for 3 most commonly possible beast race types: "lizards" "cats" and "goats" All are for HGEC, ZKEC and Robert Male


My Dream: A mod that works as Setbody, but with clothes too, Also a way to make these changes affect beast races, making a finally worthy experience of playing a khajiit or an argonian...


*No animals were harmed during the making of these models*

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