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This is the Lovers lab version of my Kats Smelt everything mod, It's a simple mod that should not conflict with anything that does not edit smeltable items.


Almost all generic none pre-enchanted armor, weapons, arrows, clutter, and Dwarven items can be melted down into ingots of the matching material, IE iron sword = iron ingot, etc. Equipped gear can't be smelted down unless they're a weapon in your left hand (engine limitation?). Items do not show up in the smelters' window unless you have the item in question (this includes the vanilla smelt-able Dwarven items) IE you will not see hundreds of new recipes only the ones you can make at the time.


This version of the mod also includes bulk ore smelting, simply put you can smelt 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9 or 10 ingots at once as long as you have the ore needed. So you can smelt 100 ingots in 20 clicks instead of 200!


NOTE: Items you enchanted CAN be smelted down. This is because the items you enchant don't have a new item id and the game sees them as normal unenchanted items I have no idea how to fix this :(.


Smelting return chart Below




Daggers X 2   = 1 ingot
Sword             = 1 ingot
Mace              = 1 ingot
War Axe         = 1 ingot
Warhammer   = 2 ingots
Battle Axe      = 2 ingots
Greatsword   = 3 ingots
Bow               = 2 ingots
Arrow X 30     = 1 ingot

Chest Piece  = 3 ingots
Gauntlet Set = 1 ingot
Boot Set       = 2 ingots
Shield           = 2 ingots
helmet          = 2 ingots

*Bonemold items do not follow this module and instead give you around half the Bonemeal needed to make them.


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