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Warning. This mod might make you question your own sanity.



Version: 3.0 (July 15 2022)



 Corpse Experiments is a Sims 4 mod which provides an interactable corpse object as well as severed body

parts which enables you to choose a much darker kind of gameplay. If you want your sim to be a deranged

  serial killer, or if you’re just obsessed with massacred human bodies… this would be the perfect mod for you.




            • HUNTING:                             

                                         Spend the night hunting victims and if you’re lucky enough you might be able

                                         to get your hands on a fresh corpse to bring home and do whatever fucked up

                                         activites your demented mind so ever desires.


                                         Click on your sim to find the interaction.



             • DISMEMBERING:

                                         Why not hack your victim’s body to pieces? It takes up less space if you want

                                         to keep it in the fridge and it certainly gets easier to get rid of if your looking

                                         for a more incognito and less evidence prone approach. Or what the hell do I

                                         know, maybe you’re just simply exhilarated by the act.



            • CLEANING:

                                         Cutting up flesh sure can get messy. If those defiled body parts and that dark

                                         puddle on the floor bother you. If all you seek is cleanliness and pureness.

                                         That won’t be a problem with some old fashioned elbow grease.



            • CANNIBALISM:

                                         Certain Sims just aren’t right in the head. Act their lack of sanity out by

                                         carefully consuming your freshly butchered human meat.



             • PLAYING:

                                         Speaking of senseless behavior. Any toddler, child or adult is able to play

                                         with severed body parts as if they were any old regular toy.



            • DIGGING:

                                        Go search in dirt piles and you may dig up a human limb. How on earth did

                                        that end up there?










This mod is currently missing custom animations. The new interactions that I couldn't find an already existing suitable animation for have simply been given a default “salvage” animation. If you are an animator interested in collaborating with me on this modification by providing animations for these interactions, contact me!




Thanks to


Sims 4 Studio


WickedWhims for genitalia models

Luumia for body hair





Additional content


Body Hair by Luumia


Dirty Plaster - Masonry Wall by Inabadromance


Toilet Paper - Set 1: Floor Litter by Cycloneuse


Toilet Paper - Set 2: Wall decor by Cycloneuse


Floor dirt by Velouriah


Blood stickers and rugs by Necrodog

"M is for Murder” Set by SimsByLo

Edited by AlneySmilefrog

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