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Let's Tie You Up is a simple mod that allows you to put NPCs in bondage (through dialogue). That's it.



ZaZ animation pack


How it works:

When you talk to NPCs who have an item with the keyword "zbfWornWrist" equipped (this includes all wrist bindings in ZaZ framework as well as DD cuffs) you will get a dialogue option to tie them up. Tied NPCs stay in place and do nothing. You can keep up to 31 NPCs tied up. Talking to tied NPCs allows you to untie them.


If you want to use this without ZaZ bindings, it will also work on NPCs with token 006E59 (letsTieMeUp) in their posession, so you can put one of those in your intended victim's inventory. The mod doesn't spawn any bindings on the tied NPCs so if they don't wear any they will probably look a bit silly.


There's just 3 bondage poses to pick from at this time. Choosing "Let's tie you up" and then exiting dialogue without picking an option will bind the NPC in the pose last used on it.

What's New in Version 1.2


  • v1.2
  • Added experimental horse-following package
  • v1.1
  • Extended NPC slots to 31
  • Token letsTieMeUp now has a name so you can find it's ID through the console

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