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About This File

This mod adds a new power to the player. This power creates a clone of the player, with same stats, spells, shouts, equipment, and controlled by the AI. The clone will follow you and will dissapear in 5 minutes.


The Clone Player power is a regular power that can be used once a day. But unlike other powers, the "Clone Player Power" will reduce your hp by 98%, and magicka and stamina by 100% (cloning yourself leaves you exhausted)


Because of some technical limitations, the clone will take around 5-20 seconds to appear after the power is cast.


The mod comes with a MCM menu where you can configure some parameters such as the combat style the AI will use, if the clone is talkative, etc


Requirements: SKSE and SkyUI


Install instructions: extract the zip file, and copy the contents to Data. Activate the ESP.


Known issues:


- If talk is enabled, the clone may insult the player (throw voice) or he may use the "Doovahkin" greet of greybeards. This is the reason why talk to clone is disabled by default.


- Black face. Under some circumnstances, the clone may appear with black face. In my tests, the clone would only get a black face if i existed skyrim for a moment with alt+tab and then return to it.


- Changing MCM options don't affect current clone. Yep, it is like that, mcm options will only affect the next clone you cast.


- The clone takes time to appear. Yeah, as spotted above, it is a technical limitation, copying the player inventory and spells takes time. The bigger your inventory/spells, the more time it takes.


- If you kill the clone (!), it counts as killing someone from winterhold college. Not sure if it can affect other stories. Just don't kill the clone :P


- Some enemies, like giants, may send the clone flying, although he may survive.


- Making yourself essential (by mods or console) will also make the clone essential. And viceversa.


- If you save game with a clone active, exit game, and reenter game, the clone will revert its combat style to the default one. No problem, next clone will again have the selected combat style.


- The clone is able to use full shouts despite you not having some words of the shout. Likewise, it can use shouts you haven't unlocked yet. These are all technical limitations again.


Incompatibilities: I haven't tested, but since using the power takes 98% of your health, I don't know if that can affect mods that prevents death at certain % of health.


Uninstall instructions: it is recommended that you wait for the clone to disappear. You will receive a notification "Clone disappears..." when the clone totally disappears (clone will always dissapear after 5 minutes, he may die before, but he will still exist). You can also check the active effects: if a "player cloned" effect is active, that means that the clone still exists.


Once you are sure that the clone doesn't exist, just remove the esp.

What's New in Version 0.11


  • 0.11:
  • - Clone added to CurrentFollowerFaction to avoid some fights with other followers on friendly hits (it still may happen?)
  • - My bad, the clone would only have 1 copy of each item. Now it will have same number of each item as the player.
  • - Jzargo scrolls will not be cloned. The AI likes to use them, but they almost always friendly hit the player too.

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