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FO4 Sharks - Progress Update



Don't have a proper photoshoot this time around, but thought this was the best way to post a progress update so it didn't get buried in the Skyrim mod thread.


Anyhow, male sharks are a thing in FO4 now:




Managed to refit the female heads for use on males, and this is the result. They are pretty much identical to the female heads outside of the neck and the head dome shape, which means sexual dimorphism is non-existant on them as far as faces go, but also that I get to reuse all the female character customization setup right away; porting the current male Skyrim heads would take a ton of work and isn't guaranteed to look good. Not that this looks perfect either, but it's bearable.


Male textures are based on the default BodyTalk2 ones, which means they have full support for BT2:





They should also be compatible with EVB, as the UVs are the same across both, though there may be a more pronounced neck seam when using it instead. Same goes for vanilla bodies.


Males will have several ported vanilla hairs available; right now I'm not planning to port any mod-added hairs (unlike with females, which have access to azar's Ponytail Hairstyles), but that may change once I've seen what's out there in detail.



The addition of males is the "big" update here, but with that out of the way, I also started working on porting vanilla facewear for use with the race. Any hats and helmets that don't cover the face should be automatically compatible without the need to be refit, though this will depend on each specific item and the way they are set up.


Here are some pics showcasing the vanilla items I've converted so far (which, admittedly, ain't many):







More on this as it happens.

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