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Hello friends,  I have a post with some cheats and walkby pictures.  Before I begin, I just want to say thank you to everyone who read and voted in Battle Sims.  It was a ton of fun to work on.  It means a lot to see that it's something you enjoy too.  While Battle Sims has been the focus of my last play through, I have been playing with some other things I would like to share with you.





I placed this lot at the very end of the row in Newcrest.  I think that it sits nicely there.  I know this sounds like I'm about to share a fat lot, but I can't right now.  Origin locked me out yesterday, so I have sign in and get the update.  From last month!  Oopsie










I had some fun with this lot by making a designated club with some school uniforms










Poor Randall has been left to manage the ground all on his own, while the school looks to fill the role of Headmistress. 










It think he's taken some white paint to the face from an unruly student.  Or some unlucky droppings from a bird flying above the grounds.  Oh Randall.  Back luck seems to follow you around!










Making an "audience club" for the Starlight Accolades lot was a big improvement.  I try to travel here every time the event comes up.  I get excited for this, but it's just sims acting fancy and accepting awards for doing not much of anything.















Here's a picture of a 'guys poker night' club I set up.  I have trouble with getting them to play cards all the time, so I added Don't Wake the Llama to their regimen.










I am taking some time to get familiar with the terrain tools.  I'm always late to the party with new stuff.  Look at this, I made a hill.










I was trying to get a sim to walk from the bottom all the way to the top, but the incline needs to be smooth for that.  My sculpting technique could use a little work, but Megan finally reached the top.










View from the top.  Well, almost the top.  I should have brought golf balls.










I have not done anything with "alpha" hair or skins yet.  I thought it couldn't hurt "widen my palette" and give it a chance, but I don't think it's for me.  Here is my Alpha Male.










Meanie and Toodamn Jenkins meeting up in Brindleton for some dinner.  I can't play certain households because I love running into them by surprise.  The Jenkins family is one of them.










You take one look at a sim like this, and you already know what their attitude is going to be like.  I am not one to judge only on appearance, but, come on.  You've seen the movies.  Or the books.  Or the erotic fan-fiction.  Help me out.  You've seen something










Here is another sim I enjoy, Rita Runewald.  I've been keeping her on a leash (not literally, wacko) so I can do some CAS edits and build up some of her relationships.  She doesn't know how to do any magic right now.  Outside the magic of lustful seduction, that is.










She's also a little bit goofy, and I like that.  Hide your boyfriend!










I saw Angus strolling into a restaurant I was working on with his brand new "celebrity status" aura.  I think he's still on a high from his legendary catch. 










Once a reclusive fisherman, Angus' story has seen him thrust into the limelight.  And I have to say, he's taking it much better than anyone could expect.  Now if only he could get everyone to stop calling him "Thunder Gill"










Speaking of celebrities, there isn't a nicer guy in the biz than this guy.  A little background, he spawned into my game as a criminal career sim.  After one randomly generated haircut I knew exactly who he was.  He was born again as Dude McDude.









I have a couple of goofs to share with you here.  I don't know what really happened to this sim.  Maybe he's watching too much Stranger Things.  You know.  The upside down, get it?  Ok, I'll just see my way out.  Eventually.










Under the cover of darkness, a flying magic dildo stalks townie prey in it's natural habitat.










Not a goof.  Just cute.










There's too much going on here.  So many questions.  Nobody but me will tell you this, but this is the final boss of the game.










The last goof should be the most difficult to explain, and that's what this is.  We either have a game glitch, or a trolling god-tier sim on our hands.











There's the goofs,  I wish I had more to share with you, but my game is just so incredibly stable.  So stable that I've been too scared to update it for 5 weeks.  I just need to sign in and update some mods.  I'm working on it!





In the last picture post, I forgot to share some more spawn cheats.  Go ahead and try to spawn one outside the lot boundaries.  What do they spawn?  Try one and find out.  You can shift+click to delete them when you're finished.



Base Game (big)

objects.gsi_create_obj 0x7b81


City Living

objects.gsi_create_obj 0x22856


Get to Work

objects.gsi_create_obj 0x11d91


Jungle Adventure

objects.gsi_create_obj 0x2c3d8


Popular Mod

objects.gsi_create_obj 0xaea1aa37





That's it for now, thank you guys!  I'll see you next time with Battle Sims!








Next time on Battle Sims: Fleek Edition





Can T.J. Von Fleek prove he's not a tool with a truly ratchet performance?


Is Jo Streety thirsty enough to drink from the sippy cup of victory?


Will the removal of popcorn leave Rondo in a big mood?










All this (and more!) on the next

installment of... Battle Sims! 



Until next time, cheeseburgers! Keep the $100









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I love every blog post you do but I have to say that your walkby pictures are my absolute favourite - It's nice to see one pop up from time to time.

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