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When your son asks you to show him how it's done



Natalie was about to head to bed when her Son called upon her.


As he stood there shyly at her bedroom door she did wonder what he wanted, Did he want advice at this time of the night it was getting late he needed to head to bed ready for school.


He looked up at her "Mum I have something to ask & please don't be shocked"


She looked at him with intrigue yet worry "Go ahead"


"Can you give me a blow job?"


Natalie looked at her son unable to think what to even say


"I have seen how you do it when you have guys coming around, I want you to show me how it should be sucked"


With the words, she took her son's hand & led him to her ensuite bathroom.


She pulled down his jeans & boxers to find that he was already hard for her, no doubt he was it showed him just asking that it turned him on.


Before he could refuse she shoved his hard cock straight into her mouth & began to take in every inch as he grabbed onto her hair.





04-18-19_3-39-01 PM.png


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15 hours ago, ThirstyAchiever said:

That was hot Sam, well written and eager to find out more.

Thanks Sadly his mum passed away on the game now 

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awwww sorry, that comment would leave a lot of people like what? It's just a game! True, but again might sound crazy but I've become quite attached to some of my sims. In a healthy way :) I really did feel a little sad and gutted when the grim reaper took away one of my favorite sims for the first time. But now of course with help of forums and blogs the members there have told me how to bring them back.

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