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When Boss gets upset



Coming home after e.b. meeting in Monday, my Ivy kissed me and my Prince who was still sleeping and after quick shower she sat me in her lap and cuddling my baby she told me why Boss gathered executive board. After commending Guy 3 and his security team, he was very direct and rough with e.b. He emphasized that my Prince didn’t complain to him about anyone but his criticism of their work came from his own observation. After that he assailed on executive board members.

Boss: … you disappointed me very much but, first, do you know why we have 50% more income this year for the same period of time in last year? Thanks to mister Prince who, unlike you doesn’t look fresh and rested. He collapsed after almost three weeks of 14-18 hours of work a day. He couldn’t get out of the bed this morning because of you. (Ivy to me): We were all very shocked.

(Boss to Ivy): Ivy, you suppose to be his assistant. Do you know the meaning of A-S-S-I-S-T-A-N-T??? Assist him for Christ’s sake instead of just following him around. Why he has you if he must do all things alone?! Did you ever tell him: “Boss, I will do this and that so you can focus on more important things” when having morning briefings with his team? And I’m not saying this only to Ivy, but to all present. You failed as members of e.b. and misunderstood mister Prince’s role. He IS NOT here to think and do things instead of you …... You know what bothers me the most?! You were calling him every single day asking for his help and encouraged others to do the same because you didn’t use your heads first knowing that he will be there for you. And he was because he cares and he loves you! It’s your job to come up with ideas, do your best in make them real and try to find the solution for problem in your domain of the work. You should “wrestle” with your problems first and ONLY if you still didn’t find the answer, asked him for help!

Nenad: Sir, with all respect, you know very well that mister Prince is perfectionist and he requested from us to inform him about the progress of our work.

Boss: You are not listening to me intentionally, young man. I wasn’t taking about his way of doing things, but about your way of not doing things. Checking the progress of your work is expected from him because he is your boss, but your expectations that he should and must find the solutions for your problems because you didn’t even bother to deal with them is completely another thing.


Boss to Lidija: You are the chief of human resources. When mister Prince received the report about sick workers, you had no people “on the bench” for you were unprepared. You oversaw possibility that someone might get sick and you didn't have ready substitutes for situations like these. You were obligated to notice it and do something before it happens. Same goes for you, Nenad. You didn’t have any guitarist in reserve because both of you counted on Mr. Prince’s help. You will not repeat this mistake! You will start to find substitutes after this meeting. They are all around you. Just use your brain and resources you have. If you can’t find any, you are not competent to be members of this board ….  Listen to me carefully, Mister Prince’s job is to oversee your work, help you when it is needed, NOT to do your jobs for you and instead of you. If you think you are incapable to do your jobs, say it now, step out of the executive board and we will find someone else who can. I forbid you to be incompetent and lazy counting on mister Prince every time you get some project …. I’m afraid for the Hotel’s future if it falls into your hands. Imagine yourself in the situation when Mrs Eva is on maternity leave, Fran is on the road and Mr. Prince is unavailable. If you don’t “wake up” now, it will be too late before you realize you led the Hotel in abyss. Do you jobs you are paid for, damn it! If you don’t change your habits soon, I will dismiss this board because it’s useless!!! (Ivy to me): I never seen him so upset …. We were all silent and ashamed …. Honey, you know what?! ….. He is right! We all depended on Prince knowing he’ll always find a solution for us.

I hugged her and kissed her saying that Boss did the right thing. We are all friends, but everyone uses my Prince because they know he will always gladly help them. While we waited for him to wake up and parents to come and have family lunch, I helped my Ivy with new Skyrim episode. When they arrived, my Prince was still sleeping. We were little bit sad he is not with us but we knew he needs a rest and no one tried to wake him up.



When they left and my Prince woke up he called us. We rushed into the bedroom and showered him with kisses. He couldn’t stop kissing my tummy saying how much he loves me and our “little one”. After reading Boss’s note, he made dissatisfied face and just sighed. Then he took the shower and Ivy and I fucked him good under the shower. My Ivy told him about e.b. meeting and my Prince was surprised that he “washed” e.b. very sharply. Although I had to go to work, we had full house of guests every day. When Boss and his wife came in visit yesterday and when they heard my Prince calling Lidija to check the situation in the Hotel, Boss get angry at him and taking the phone from his hand he said:

- I forbid you to do that! How do you expect your team to use own heads if you constantly “nurse” them?! Let them screw if it will help them to learn to do their jobs better. Stop wiping their butts! … And one more thing, son …. Since you do not listen to your wives when they tell you to stay home and take rest when you need, I want you to pledge to me, right now, that you will obey them the same way you obey me.

My Prince was caught by surprise, but he pledged. Boss also lectured him about being to caring for others which only makes things worse for him and them. He kept his phone until they left. Yes, Boss is right although my Prince only tried to be of help, helping is not helpful sometimes. It has opposite effect. Anyway, we had excellent three days and we enjoyed being together doing various things. My Fran took great care for me on the work. He massaged my feet, shoulders and back when I felt sore, he brought me refreshments and he was with me when I had to throw up fixing my makeup and hairdo. My Prince recharged his batteries and he was ready for the work.



Coming to the work this morning Boss invited us to the Hotel bar after our duties to talked to us in private about our role in the Hotel once he goes to full retirement. My Prince was in deep thoughts all the time. Boss thought something is troubling him and he asked him to speak his mind.

Prince: Dad ….. I have a feeling that you will go in full retirement very soon. Maybe much earlier than you planned. Am I right?

Boss: Yes, you are, my son. My wife is recovering good bot slow. We are old and recovery takes longer, but I will always be available for you. You won’t be alone. Why are you asking me this, son?

Prince: Going through the registry of our employees with Lidija in order to see how much we will increase their wages, I noticed that we have a certain number of those with minimal wages. I checked their health insurance and I learned that many of them have only basic health insurance that doesn’t cover many drugs, medications and doctor’s services. I was thinking, if it is OK with you that once you go into full retirement, I would like to sell your official car and open health insurance foundation at our Hotel for those workers. It will serve to cover medical surgeries for them and the members of their families, buying the drugs they can’t afford and to cover dentists’ expenses that are very high in our country. The second though I have is about how to keep money flowing into foundation. I think that putting 5% of Hotel monthly profit into that foundation every month will be of enormous help … If executive board doesn’t accept this proposition, I have another one: many of us have very good wages. Why don’t we present our idea about health insurance for socially insecure workers to all workers and invite them to sign the agreement about giving 3% of their monthly wages into the heath foundation, I’m sure that certain number of them will sign it. If nobody will, I surely will. My Ivy and I immediately supported his idea and said we will sign it too. My dear readers, I have no words to express my admiration to my Prince. He always looks to improve our worker’s life. Boss was thrilled with his suggestions and he immediately gathered e.b. for short meeting and told them about Prince’s ideas. All of us agreed to open the heath insurance foundation whose income will be out of the Hotel’s monthly profit. Boss couldn’t resist to not to commend my Prince again saying to them:

- Do you see now why he is my second assistant? If each of you will think like him in your domain of work and bring your ideas before e.b., life will be much easier for everyone.

Boss appointed Lidija and Fran for this project. Once they finish it they will inform all the workers about new health care foundation. I expected no less from my Prince. He always cared for our workers who, in return, works better. This is one of many reasons why he is loved and respected. After the e.b. meeting, Boss went home, my luvs went after their tasks and I’m writing this diary while my Fran massage my feet.


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