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Cuckold Game! Inn My Wife Review



Inn my Wife has seven sex scenes in total, most of which use a unique CG. Although the sex scenes are few, they’re pretty enjoyable. The scenes feature such classic positions as the missionary, blowjob, and standing sex. It’s very exciting to watch your wife’s descent into lust and depravity. She’s hesitant to do it at first, but the cock corrupts. After enough sex with men outside the wedlock, she feels confident to start fucking behind your back! Making matters hotter, she nearly didn’t tell you about it!


In one scene in particular, your character asks what happened between your wife and the man. As she tells you more and more, and gets to the part where he came all over her face, your character cums in his pants. Your wife definitely notices, and says “I need dick and since you’re now useless, I’ll go and see him instead”.


Lastly, if you allow your wife to have sex with the man three days in a row, you’ll have the opportunity to peep on her. She looks right at you through the crack in the door, and tells the man to hurry up and cum inside her! Normally, he always pulls out. But your wife saw you watching and decided to go all the way. No protection, no contraception, he finally cums in the wedded woman’s inviting womb. And the game ends on a “happy” note. 







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