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Your Bath Is Ready



"I beg your pardon, Sire, you must have expected to have your bath in private."




"But I believe a good hostess must serve a honored guest in every possible way."




"I know a certain cure that will relieve your pressures and make any stiffness go away..."




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's odd, they're the one race I've always ignored, but for some reason I've become rather enamoured of redguards recently.

Possibly because people keep sending me nekkid Pharah Gifs, possibly because Nomadic Blood and Red Sand Dance are overpowered as fuck for racial abilities :smiley:

Either way, this lass is hawt <3

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Sorry the late answer!


Maryann is an Imperial, actually, but I share you fascination with Redguards, too ?


Thanks for the klind words!

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"i think i know of this cure. you are quite a lovely woman, and i would be more than pleased to share a bath with you, that is if you can handle me!" great work on these.

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