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Idea to launch



Does anyone remember the TV series The Saint? I don't mean the Val Kilmer movie but the show with Roger Moore?


I finally have a playthrough idea I could write on, illustrated with screenshots but I don't know much fun all the work that's required for my vision will be. One of the problems is I want to edit/crop/resize any picture I post here so they're not so large and convert them from the BMP format that some moron decided to use for the screenshots into a PNG.


Anyway, here's a shot of one of my protagonists standing on Farengar's bed... with Farengar. I got the location right for Anub's (I think) against the wall from behind animation so her hands are properly positioned.


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I'm using free program for resizing/converting my screenshots. It's called "Fast stone image viewer" and it has good set of editing tools. I also avoiding .npg format if I'm posting more then 2 pictures because they are still large in size. Therefore I'm rather using .jpg format.

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I have an old version of paint shop pro I use and like. I won't matter the program as the work will be the same... open file, consider if I need to cut anything off, resize 80% so it fits on a screen smaller than mine and save.


I think the writing of the story will take more. I can do one liners and quick quips but I've never tried to actually do a long form story like this.  I also changed my mind a little bit on the theme of the story a little bit, but since no one has heard any of it yet, that won't make any difference.

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