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figured I should show these off somewhere

meme supreme


I 'finished' an armor mashup I was making; a skimpy replacer for Immersive Armors. I think I did 50 sets all in all, dunno how many there are in IA but this should cover everything that was doable using just Bodyslide.


Thing is that I used assets from about 10 different sets. CT77, Minidresses, Spice Gear and parts from IA itself, which belong to who knows how many mod authors and even different games; some assets are ripped from the Witcher 2.


IMO derivative work of a derivative of a derivative should be fine to just drop in on the Nexus or whatever as long as proper credit is given, but I ran into the stonewall that is permissions and even when those are given there's still some arbitrary criteria or other that I have to meet to actually publish this on the Nexus. Publishing it here is nicer but still dicks since I'd have to split the file up into like 3 parts to fit it under the LL file limit.


memes aside I did it and I'm pretty happy with it, though it's shitty that getting to share it with other people is gonna be a massive pain in the ass. Here's pics of some of the final sets,


blogentry-196669-0-41125300-1485029977_thumb.jpg Barbarian


blogentry-196669-0-21970800-1485030058_thumb.jpg Einherjar Dark


blogentry-196669-0-16505100-1485030194_thumb.jpg Cave Troll Hunter


blogentry-196669-0-77182700-1485030089_thumb.jpg Einherjar Dark Plate


blogentry-196669-0-91546400-1485030016_thumb.jpg Primitive Nord

blogentry-196669-0-86034600-1485030124_thumb.jpg Einherjar Light


blogentry-196669-0-67892300-1485030155_thumb.jpg Einherjar Light Plate


blogentry-196669-0-93375600-1485030237_thumb.jpg Order Spellbinder


blogentry-196669-0-51175200-1485030264_thumb.jpg Seadog


blogentry-196669-0-67777300-1485030292_thumb.jpg Warchief Heavy


blogentry-196669-0-98045900-1485031078_thumb.jpg Dwarven Battlemage


blogentry-196669-0-43069800-1485031101_thumb.jpg Dragonhide Robes


blogentry-196669-0-64639200-1485031164_thumb.jpg Troll Hunter


blogentry-196669-0-27088700-1485031204_thumb.jpg Wild Hunt


blogentry-196669-0-80316100-1485031254_thumb.jpg Vagabond


That's pretty much it. There are some sets that are practically reskins, because that's kind of what they were in IA. But I tried to differentiate everything as best as I could, even if it meant taking some liberties and removing parts from the base set. The troll hunter and Einherjar sets didn't even have female models to begin with.


I also haven't taken a screenshot in my life so no bully


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