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WLTBK - 42 or The night full of wild sex



Written and posted by Eva with Prince's approval.



We stayed in bed for some time enjoying to be together. Then I asked Ivy and my Prince what they would love to have for supper, but they answered I don't have to prepare anything, they don't feel hungry. Before my Prince took a pills, he went under the shower, alone. I was glad he's doing better. After he returned, Ivy and I went to the shower. While we soaped one another Ivy said:
Princess, I had the great time this afternoon. Enjoyed in every moment. (short silence)
You know, although I was hoping that Prince will pick me to share the coffee with me, I'm glad he picked you, and somehow, deep inside me, I knew he would....
Me: Thank you, honey, I was glad too.
Ivy: I just don't understand one thing at him: why is he so sensitive?.... If I were him, I wouldn't doubt at all; I would immediately pick you.
Me: Ivy, I think he didn't doubt whom will he chose. I believe he knew the answer already, but he didn't want to offend you or hurt you...... Have you noticed how relived he was when you told him afterward that we were "revenging" to him?!
Ivy: Yes, but being so sensitive and considerable is not good. It brings a lot of stresses and disappointments.
Me: I know, and I agree with you, but it's him.... When I compare him with my ex's, they are like heaven and earth. You know, you have very strong will, maybe you can help him in this. I really love the way he is, but maybe you can "teach" him how to be more emotionally strong. I can't, because we are very alike although I'm less emotional and sensitive.
Ivy: I'll try, honey.
(short silence)
Ivy: On the other hand, I also like him being like that. It's better to be like him, then emotionless bastard or emotional cripple.
I kissed her and said:
- Agree with you.....thank you, honey...... Let's go back and join him.


When we returned to the bedroom, my Prince was sleeping. Ivy and I went to the living room and while I was answering the messages and mails on my laptop, she was texting to some of her friends too. Prince didn't slept long. He just needed some rest. When he awoke, I laid next to him and after kissing him I said:
- did you slept well, honey?
Prince: I did, thank you.
Are your ready for our show?
Prince got a big smile on his face and said:
- oh, yeeea....
I smiled too and said:
- why don't you go to the living room and sit on sofa while Ivy and I prepare.
He kissed me and he stood up and went to the living room. I asked Ivy to come to the bedroom and we dressed up our new lingerie and stockings. We took our toys and one blanket and went to the living room. Ivy putted the blanked before him and then I said:
- change of plan........ Since I know what my Prince would love to see and what turns him on, I will decide what we will do for him. Is it OK with you, honey?
Prince: definitely.
He was very aroused seeing us in our new "outfit". He complimented us calling us "hot devils".


Very explicit and perverted sex scenes. Do not open if think you can't handle what you gonna read. You've been warned. :)

Ivy and I started to make out cuddling each other. After a while we kissed each other's tits, and fingering asses. Prince was already aroused. Then we took 69 pose and we eat each other's pussies. We both were very wet. Ivy was very tasty. No wonder my Prince loved to eat her. After playing with each other's clits and pussy fingering we took our toys and we fucked each other's pussy and ass. From time to time we pulled out the toys and suck our juices from them. After some time we made each other to cum. She came in my mouth and I came in hers.
Then she took the whipped cream from the refrigerator and filled my ass with it. She laid on her back on the blanket and told me to crouch over her face. When I did it, I sprayed the whipped cream into her mouth and she ate it. Then she did the same to me. When we cleaned each other, Ivy said to Prince:
- would you like to join us?
Prince (very horny and thrilled): Oh, yeeaaa.


He stood up and laid on the blanket on his back. Ivy told me to take doggy style position. When I did, she took banana and after she pilled it, she stuffed it into my ass. When I crouched over Prince's face, I asked him if he would love to eat banana from my ass. He was very thrilled. I started to push banana from my ass into his mouth part by part. After every bit he took, Ivy and him deep kissed. When he ate it completely, I did same to Ivy. I pilled banana and stuffed it into her ass. She also crouched above Prince's face and let him it. He was incredibly horny, just ass we were.


Then I sad to Ivy:
- lay next to him, very close.
Then she did it, I crouched over her face, very close to her mouth and I started to pee. When I filled her mouth, she deep kissed with Prince until they swallowed my pee. Then I did the same to Prince. Knowing that he likes to lick me while I pee in his mouth I sat on his face and let him drink my pee directly form my pussy. He moaned in pleasure. He sucked my pussy into his mouth so hard and deep that I thought he we choke. When I finished, Ivy did the same. First she peed in my mouth and let us soak her pee from each other's mouth and sallow. Then she sat on his face and let him drink her pee while licking her. When she finished she deep kissed with both of us.


Then I asked my Prince if he would like to fuck me in my ass. He said he would. Sitting with my back faced to them I took his hot fat cock and I slide it into my wet and horny ass. I could take it in without any problem because I was very wet and open. Ivy crouched above his face telling him to fuck her ass with tongue. She was licking his cock while I was riding him. She pulled it out from time to time and sucked my ass juices or rimming my ass. Prince couldn't hold any longer. He came deep in my ass. I felt pleasant hot cum feeling my bowels. When he came, Ivy slurped his cum from my ass and while she was cum kissing with him, I was cleaning his cock. We gave him few seconds to restore the strength and when his cock got erected again, Ivy set on him with her ass facing me. I was sitting on Prince's face and let him eat my pussy and ass. While he was fucking her, I licked and ate her pussy, sucked Prince's cock and rimmed her ass. After some time she came. While Prince's cock was sill deep in her ass, she squirted into my mouth. I drank all her cum. Then we started to suck his cock while I was "sliding" on Prince's mouth and tongue. My god, he is incredible with his tongue. He made me cum very hard into his mouth. He enjoyed in drinking my cum. Very soon after that he came into our mouth. Ivy and I hungrily at all his cum and cum kissed until we ate it all.


Then we both laid next to him on the blanket. I could see he was thrilled. He was still trying to catch the breath. When he calmed he said thrilled:
- woooooow, just fucking wooooooooow!!! This was to awesome..... I dreamed about this type of sex all my life..... Thank you girls.
We smiled and we thanked him too saying we love him.


Then Ivy and I cleaned the room, and we all went under the shower. We soaped each other, the Prince said he needs to pee. He announced it because he didn't know how we will react if he just do it.
Ivy: You can pee in the tub. No problem.
I confirmed and Prince started to pee. I knew that this is a perfect chance to taste his pee because he didn't want to pee in my mouth when I asked him last time. I quickly knelled and I managed to catch a quite a bit of his pee in my mouth before realized what is happening. His pee had a weird taste and smell because of the pills he's taking and a lot of coffee that he's drinking, but I was sure I would love its taste once he stop taking pills and reduce drinking coffee. I couldn't swallow of it but I spit it.
When he saw what I'm doing, he was angry.
Prince: Why did you do that?! I told you I don't want to pee in your mouth...... Honey, I don't like you tricked me. That's not nice.
I stood up and cuddling his cheek I said to him:
- I'm sorry honey, please forgive me....... but I must taste it. And it's not bad. After you stop taking the pills and reduce consuming coffee your piss will be very good.
Prince: No!!! I don't want you to do it any more. OK?
I was sad he reacted that way. Then Ivy told him:
- Listen, why are you making such a fuss about it. If she likes it, let her enjoy.... As the matter of fact, I want to taste to. Sooooo, what are you gonna do?! Hm.... Sooner or later you'll have to let us. It's inevitable.
Prince didn't said a word but silently left the bath tub and asked me if I can dry him by towel and help him to dress up. Then he went to the bedroom.



Very soon after him, Ivy and I joined him. We were laying in silence for some time, then Ivy turned to him and placing her head above his she said to him:
- listen, honey, all we do in sex with you is because we like it and because you like it. We wouldn't do anything against our will or yours will. If we do things that you like for you, you should let us the same. Otherwise, our sex wouldn't be fully enjoyable. Understand?
Prince looked at her and silently said: OK, I understand.
Ivy: Good. This is solved.
Then she gave him deep kiss and started to make out with him. He got instant erection. Noticing it, Ivy said to me:
1:0 for my Princess.... hehe
Me (laughing): OOOh, nooo, it's not.......I didn't tried to make out with him yet.
When Prince's cock returned to normal stated I started to make out with him..... His cock erected slower. Ivy jumped of the bed and performing happy dance she cheered:
- lalalalala - 1:0 for me, I'm better then thee.
Prince and I blasted in laughter.
Then we both anointed his body with crème and we fell asleep very content.



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