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WLTBK - 38 or Nevertheless, love is the winner



Written and posted by Eva with Prince's approval.



We sat in silence and finished our drinks. Then I said to her:
- would you mind to clean the table? I have no will to continue to cook and don't think anyone is feeling to eat now. I'm gonna take a walk.
Ivy offered to continue to cock but I said that she doesn't have to, I will do it when come home. I peeked at our bedroom and I saw Prince laying and having his eyes closed. Wasn't sure if he's sleeping or not but didn't want to wake him up if he does. I took my jacket and umbrella, kissed Ivy and walked out.


I walked down by the sea. Everything was grey: sky, sea, rocks - just like my soul. Things in my life moved very fast since I met Prince. Changes in our lives are very frequent any very extreme and drastic in both directions: good and bad. I love him, he loves me, I'm happy, we enjoy in life, but I started to question my deeds and nature: am I selfish for wanting him and Ivy in my life so bad?! Did I do right when encouraged his and Ivy's love?! Did I really caused all this mess in our lives? Should I be less actor and more observer in his/my/our life? Thinking on my Prince and how hard must be for him now, filled my heart with deep sadness. Why good people like him must suffer so much, so often? Yes, my world turned to nicer and happier "place" but what about his? Do I ruin it instead of building it? While I was trying to get the answers on all this questions I set on the dry rock under the tree and looking at the see.


In the meantime, in our house .... (the conversation and happenings that Ivy told me later)


Ivy (Talking to me): I cleaned the table and wasn't sure if I should go and see Prince or not. Wasn't sure if he is mad at me and if he blames me for his broken friendship with Nick. But I decided to go and talk to him. I entered into the bedroom and he was laying on the side. I laid next to him and looked at his eyes. They were open but they looked through me. Then i said to him:
- Prince, ....... I'm very, very sorry for all that happened... I apologize for causing it.....
Prince didn't say a word but he turned his position and moaned in pain while trying to lay on his back. I could only imagine how he felt.
Ivy: Please, talk to me.
(talking to me): I bent over his face and kissed his lips. He didn't react at all.
Ivy (talking to Prince): I can understand if you are angry at me now, but not talking to me and ignoring me won't change what happened between you, me and Nick.
(short silence)
Prince sighed and said: Why weren't you strong as you always are?
Ivy: ???
Prince: Why weren't you fight your love for me stronger and harder? Why did you gave up? Why didn't you push me away from you?
Ivy: But I did fight! Believe me. I did....... You probably didn't noticed but sometimes I was rough to you because of that reason, but it didn't help, not you nor me...... I was hoping you would stop being "Mister Perfect" too, .... I tried to find your weak spot to have the reason for stop loving you, but I couldn't find any..... I asked myself question that don't have the answer: Why can't he stop being him?.......The only solution was to stay away from both of you, but you know I couldn't do that...... I couldn't push away Eva from my life...... She is to valuable to me and I love her enormously........ Since Eva is crazy for you and you are crazy for her, I couldn't separate you two. You two are one........ Separating you two would be like splitting the person in half.......Therefore, by the time, I was overpowered...... I couldn't control them any more........ I guess the love is my weakest spot........
(short silence)
Ivy:....... Why did you let your emotions to grow stronger for me?
Prince: I wasn't aware I was in love with you. I thought it wasn't love, I thought that I just like you more, I enjoyed being with you and I was sure I love Eva only. You were the one who opened my eyes to realize I was in love with you.
(short silence)
Ivy: What would you do if Eva didn't gave us her blessing?
Prince: I will suffer within my being some period of time but I think I would get you over eventually...... And you?
Ivy: Same as you... but it would be very hard since we are to often together.... I guess we are both lucky we have Eva who loves us both and approved our love.
Prince: We are, indeed.
(short silence)
Ivy: May I ask you something?
Prince: You may.
Ivy: I understand that it is hard for you to tell me you love me, and although I'm not so romantic and sensitive like you and Eva, I'd like to hear those words from you. It doesn't have to be often, but from time to time....... Would you do this for me?
(short silence)
Prince: OK...
Ivy: Thank you.
Ivy (speaking to me): Then I pressed my lips on his and started to kiss them. He was still "cold" at the beginning, but by the time he let me suck his lips an stuck my tongue into his mouth. Then we made out and when we both became very aroused and I gave him blow job. After that I laid next to him gently cuddling his body.
Me (smiling): awwww.... I wish to see you two... you are so cute when making out.


(Back to me):
I didn't find the answers on most of the questions. But I was sure, I did a right thing when supported Ivy's and Prince's love. I love them both and I wanted them to be happy. Thinking about them and our life together filled my heart with gladness and joy. I felt strong need and desire to kiss them and love them. I walked home. When I came home, I found them in bedroom. He was laying leaned on the wall and Ivy was sitting next to him helping him drinking coffee. I approached to bed and gave him long deep kiss. His eyes filled with tears.
Prince: Eva?
Me: Yes, honey?
Prince: Say you love me.
Me (Smilingly): I love you, I love you I love you! I do and always will.
Prince: I love you too, very much.
Me: I know, honey, I know.
(short silence)
Me (talking to Ivy): Do you love my Prince?
Ivy looked at me surprised why I asked her that and she said: Of course I love him.
Me: If you love him, tell him you love him.
Ivy looked at me and then him and she said: Prince, I love you.
Me (Talking to Prince): Honey, do you love Ivy?
Prince reacted the same way as Ivy: Yes, yes I do.
Me: If you love her, tell her you love her.
Prince: Ivy, I love you.
Me: Now kiss each other.
They both wondered why I'm doing this but they obeyed. Ivy bent over him and gave him long deep kiss. When they finished, I did the same to Ivy. I said to Ivy that I love her and she replied the same to me. Then I said:
- Good.. I wanted to make sure that nothing has changed between us. That we still love one another.
Then I laid next to Prince, on the other side of the bed and Ivy and I were making out with him and all together. After that, we all went to the living room. I continued with making lunch, actually supper and Ivy was washing his body with wet wipes and anointed his wounds with the crème. When she was done, the scene that followed afterwards melted my heart: he wrapped his hands around her neck and after veeery long making out he said to her: I love you, you rough beautiful bitch!
Ivy and I both laughed and she said back to him: I love you too you emotional handsome bastard.



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