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First post



blog-0682367001390299352.jpgWell been agonising about how to write this for the past 5 minutes so here it goes:


Due to me deciding to stop uploading images to the New Vegas image share (with an appropriate enough salute to them all) on the nexus (the image share is the only part of the nexus I actually use) I've decided to turn the blog feature on here into a sort of pseudo image share (where the title comes from.) What this means is I'll upload an image here with a bit of a description (the "entry" if you will) every so often (i.e. at complete fucking random) just as a way of dealing with the itch I get to take screenshots in NV and post them on the internet. I don't know about comics, I'll burn that bridge when I get to it. Due to this blog being on LL I think I can get away with a bit more risque content although I don't tend to take shots of my characters having special alone time so it'll probably still be the same as the regular nexus image share with possibly a few other shots thrown in.


So to start this "blog" off I thought I'd upload the image that caused me to decide to stop uploading to the nexus, it's the second of a pair of shots I took to show off the Blue Waters for New Vegas mod its basically my character Kara (I think most people are more familiar with my character Cris, Kara is basically my FO3 character ported into NV) in a bikini, nothing too complicated there.


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