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Deleted Scene: The Simsfather, Part I - Meeting Rosa's Family



Rosa brings Vito home to meet her family in Pedula View.  Her father, Francisco, has a word with Vito (1945).


This scene takes place somewhere between Chapters 6-10 of my story, The Simsfather, Part I


(Speaking Italian in the backyard)




Francisco: (Smoking) I take it my daughter has told you about our family?


Vito: Yes, she mentioned it to me.


Francisco: Trapani will always be my home, but we have been given a second chance here in Willow Creek.  As long as my family is safe and cared for, I don't care where I make my home, understand?


Vito: (Nodding) Si, io comprendo.


Francisco: (Roughly translated) My girls are all that I have...nothing is greater.  If you hurt them, if you bring about harm to them, I will make it my personal mission to destroy you, understand?


Vito: (Softly) Si, io comprendo.


Francisco: You're a fine young man, pippolo.  You present yourself well, treat my house with respect.  My wife seems to like you, which is always a good thing.


(Places hand on Vito's neck) Take care of my Rosa, capisci?


Vito: Si, io prenderò cura di lei.


Francisco: Benissimo. (Smiling) Now it's time for cannoli.











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