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CAP-2 The first time



Someone grabs and removes the blindfold from you, still a little stunned you see two dunmers in front of you, then you also free your mouth, you start yelling at him, ordering him to free you, but neither of them speaks a word to you.
only after you have calmed down you see where you are, you are tied to a metal structure, which forces you to stay on all fours, around you there is not much else, you only notice strange pipes hanging from the ceiling, one of the two dunmer ad at a certain point, he pulls a knife from his robe and kneels behind you, you cannot clearly understand what it is by plastering, because of the metal structure, you cannot see well behind you, you only notice movements, the dunmer you tears off the lower part of your armor, revealing your private parts, meanwhile the other man you see him grabbing one of the hanging pipes from the ceiling, attaches a kind of funnel to one end of the pipe, and approaches you, kneels in front of you and start pressing it on your mouth, for being just a simple man he has an incredible strength, thanks to which without too much difficulty he manages to make you open your mouth, inserting the tube inside, and starting to slide it deeper and deeper into your throat.
You try to avoid him, but you are completely at the mercy of him.
When the dunmer finally stops pushing the tube down, out of the corner of your eye you see the other man behind you, fumbling with something, suddenly you feel something being pumped into your holes, filling them, then being closed by something that looks like a plug, the two dunmers check that everything is fixed properly, then before going out one of them puts a kind of muzzle on you, with which it makes it impossible even to move your head.
just before leaving, one of the two activates a lever at the entrance to the room, and then both of them exit, closing the door.
After a few minutes you hear a strange noise, and you start selling something flowing from the tube, stuck in your throat, you are forced for some time to swallow this substance, until your belly starts to swell, then suddenly stops flowing, you clearly feel the liquid trying to get out of your anus, but because of the plug it just presses and pains you.
You collapse from the effort...


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