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blog-0331176001428800086.jpgWhen I first created Storm I probably mentioned some of her past as well as her immortality and eternal youth which I thought I should expand on (read; I was bored at work and decided to entertain myself this way) but first a kinda history lesson as well as my own headcanon on TES elves (including ones added by mods.)


In my own headcanon the TES elves are mortal, they just live longer than the human and beast races, maybe up to 200 but that's pushing it, which is why neither Cris nor Shadow from Oblivion are in Skyrim. Cris would be dead by then, she hates high elves so would have been killed b the Aldmeri dominion after killing fuckloads of their dudes of course and Shadow would either be dead, in prison (ex assassin and all) or stuck in Bruma. Now this fits because Storm was the same age as Cris during the Oblivion crisis, she was just in elsweyr (hence her skin colour) travelling and honing her magic and at some point after the crisis and after she attains her immortality she goes through Cyrodiil and speaks to Shadow who would have learned the secret to immortality from Teneicha by then about becoming immortal (this ties in with this blog post as well) essentially talking her out of it as it causes the recipient of the immortality into having an affliction based on their most prominent trait (Storm's magic, Teneicha was calculating before he used it.) Also the Cris of Skyrim is pretty much just Oblivion Cris reincarnated but with less of the cheeky rebel in her and more of the paranoid sneaky thief (I'm probably going to end up turning Cris into some cosmic entity of sarcasm and being really good at just one thing.)


So that's it essentially.


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