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Chapter Thirty-three: Murkwater Construction and Pilgrim’s Point.



“What the hell is that?” asked Maccready in an alarmed voice.


The party had been slogging through marshland for the last hour, often up to their waists in cold water. Nora was in her power armor, and so water wasn’t a problem for her, though she did worry about her people. There were mirelurks in this swamp, lots of them, and everyone had to stay alert. Dogmeat was restricted in his scouting abilities by having to swim at times. Dogbot even more so, as he couldn’t float and had to walk along the bottom. Fortunately, deep water here was at most a meter in depth. And then there was the fog, a thick blanket that obscured their vision.


We should have taken the road, thought Nora, who was thinking still about steering north and hitting the remaining hard surface. The only reason she had come this way was the cautions of both Maccready and Heather, who agreed that the road was a main path for Raiders and the Gunners. They would avoid them by going this way until they hit the south leading railroad tracks. Once on the tracks they could head down them to Pilgrim’s Point, the most likely point of entry for the Institute team that had gone to Connecticut. No one knew where they had been killed, only that they had stopped reporting back just prior to reaching that area, and the cursory search the Institute had conducted, twenty years before, had revealed nothing. True, at that time they would have been light on deployable Synths, and the then director might have thought it better to cut his losses.


That wasn’t what Nora would have done, but of course she didn’t think like people who kidnapped and replaced citizens in such a cold-blooded manner. Or this could all be a wild goose chase, with nothing waiting. She wasn’t sure how far south she would go. To Connecticut. Well short. She would decide when she got to that point.


“That looks like a fucking mirelurk queen,” said Heather, checking her laser rifle.


Actually, it looked like a fucking ship coming through the fog. Nora zoomed in, cutting in her HUD night vision and penetrating the fog. Yep, that’s a queen alright. And a damned big one. It looked to be as large as the one she had fought at the Castle, maybe slightly larger.


“See if you can target the spout, to the left side of the face,” she told Maccready, realizing that the shot would be difficult, but having faith that if anyone could do it, he was the one. Meanwhile, she had the much more inaccurate target, and the much larger one. She pushed a high explosive rocket into the RPG, making sure the back-blast area was clear, and let loose.


The rocket streaked out, easily tracked in the fog by its burning engine, and impacted on the face of the queen. With a loud blast it blew through armor and into flesh. It should have killed anything of lesser stamina than a behemoth, but the queen roared and hurried forward. It was not fast, but because if its size it could cover ground at a deceptive rate. Acid flew out of it spout, until the soft report of Maccready’s rifle sounded and the organ blew apart. The queen went into a frenzy, coming forward with murder on her mind. To catch Nora’s second rocket within a foot of the impact of the first. This time there was no armored shell to interfere, and the fiery blast cut through flesh and muscle and into her brain. The queen slowed to a sudden stop, then leaned to the right. The slow lean turned into a fall, and she hit the water with a great splash.

And the mirelurks came out of hiding, scores of them, heading for the humans who had killed their mother. Everyone aimed and fired, going for the faces when present, anything they could hit when hidden. Strikes on the shell were ineffective, though Maccready’s .308 could blast through. Nora drew her nanosword and charged forward at a fusion core eating sprint, landing an overhand blow on the second mirelurk she came to after her charging armor had knocked aside the first.


The mirelurks crowded around her armor, striking it with claws that could tear apart a living creature. They hit hard, and rocked the suit from side to side, but they couldn’t penetrate, and Nora played Grognak as she swung the blade, each swing killing a mirelurk. It seem to go on for hours, but her implant informed her that it was less than fifteen minutes, and the party was surround by dead mirelurks, all that were left of the tribe.


“What’s that?” called out Barb, and Nora turned with the sick feeling that something else was coming for them. To see a couple of ruined houses. And the easily discernable red object that could only be a master workbench.


“Well, this is unexpected,” said Nora.


“What are we going to do, Boss?”


Nora knew what she wanted to do. Skip this place and go for the teleporter plans, if they even existed. But while she was here she needed to spend an hour getting the place set up, a QESS installed and robots working to build foundations and prep the area. It wasn’t an ideal spot, but with the robots and materials coming through the QESS she could make it good  enough.


She set everything up, brought forth enough materials to go along with the cypress logs the Handies were cutting from the numerous trees around the site, then got back into her power armor. “I think we only have another mile of this muck before we reach higher ground,” she told the others, getting some cheers.


Sure enough, in another mile or so they reached higher ground, solid and not waterlogged. A mile further on and they reached the North-South rail line running out of West Boston. Checking her Pip-Boy feed into the power armor, Nora saw that they were just over twenty miles from Oberland Station, their nearest settlement in that direction.


“Okay. So let’s head south along the line for a little bit. Everyone keep an eye open for anything out of the ordinary.”


There were many boxcars along the tracks, some still upright, other fallen over. Nora thought the ones that had fallen over had caught the blast wave, though she wasn’t sure why all of them weren’t knocked on their sides. All were well over two hundred years old, since the day the bombs fell was the last day trains actually rolled on these tracks. They walked for ten miles south, almost three hours at a pace that allowed intensive searching along the way.  There were plenty of skeletons, discarded pieces of armor, even the scattered bones of people ripped apart by predators in life or scavengers in death.


“What’s that?” asked Heather, pointing to a strange looking helmet.


Nora hurried over with the whine of servos. The helmet was mostly clear plastic, and would have given very little ballistic protection. What it would have given was environmental protection, especially when attached to a hazmat suit. There was nothing else in the immediate area, but the party fanned out to search in several hundred yards in each direction.


“Something over here,” called out Barb, running a small metal detector over a skull which lay off on its own. “There’s a significant piece of metal in this skull.”


“Use that bone cutter you’re carrying an open it up,” said Nora, looking over a smashed pistol of unusual design. It was obviously an energy weapon of some kind, and the melting along the capacitor indicated that it had seen extensive use in one fight before burning out. Institute? She would have bet on it, but not having pistol to compare it to she couldn’t say for sure.


“Synth component in the skull,” called out Barb, holding up the characteristic implant all Synths carried in their heads.


"I think we’re on to something,” said Nora. “That party that went to Connecticut was waylaid here. But the Institute would have found this as well. But what waylaid them?”


“I’m guessing Raiders,” said Heather, looking over some broken pipe weapons among more bones. “I think the scientist must have had a Courser with him for escort. And some raiders ambushed them here. Coursers are tough customers, but a surprise attack by raiders could have taken them out.”


“And the Raiders would have taken anything of interest with them,” said Barb, holding out the Synth component for Nora to look over. “Leaving behind a ruined pistol, a hazmat helm which was of no use to them, and bones.”


“We need to find their camp,” said Nora. “We’ve got three hours of daylight left, so fan out and search.”


Maccready found some abandoned wooden structures about a mile and a half west of the tracks. Whatever gang had lived here had not survived the visit by Institute Synths that had blown apart most of the shacks and burned some of the rest. There were a lot of bones scattered around, and more of the remains of a hazmat suit. And a burned out Pip Pad that must have belonged to the scientist.


“Well shit,” said Nora, looking around the camp ruins. “This happened years ago. Either the Institute recovered the schematics, or they were hidden somewhere around here by the Raiders. Okay. We’ll make camp here and continue looking in the morning.”


“How long we going to continue looking?” asked Maccready, clearly impatient to get on with something.


“At least a couple of days, Robert,” said Nora, walking over and putting a hand on his crotch. “Think I can keep you motivated?”


“If the motivation is what I think, then hell yes, Boss Lady.”


All of the women got some of Robert Maccready that night. He held back for Barb and Heather, and finally shot his load in Nora. The girls licked out the creampie and swallowed it down, sharing a taste with their boss, before they went to sleep. Nora took the first watch, wanting to spend some hours thinking about how they were going to search an area that had already been well searched by a technologically adept entity.


The next morning they continued the search, finding more tiny clues here and there. A modern laser pistol, this one in working order, discarded. Several skulls with Synth components in them. Some smashed instruments of unknown function. And then they found the small cabin several miles further to the south. Occupied by a man who had the look of a Raider about him, Tattoos and piercings showing on every exposed surface. However, the skin was fairly clean, and there were tarberries growing in the shallow water to the west side of the rough cabin. Tatos and corn grew on the small patch of dry land to the east of the shack, while chickens roamed around the area looking for grubs and small insects. An elderly dog woofed at them, its tail thumping the ground as is lay on its side.


“Keep a watch,” she told her people. “I’m going to get out of my power armor so I can have a talk.” Nora had discovered early on that people felt uncomfortable about holding a conversation with a huge armored figure that could crush the life out of them in an instant. Her pretty face, winning smile and heady scent could loosen most tongues, and she had a feeling that this man, who she was thinking of as a farmer/ex-Raider, knew something.


“Hi,” she said as she walked up to the man, whose glower turned into a disbelieving look as he took in Nora's face and eyes.


“Am I hallucinating?” asked the man, sucking in a breath. “Why in the hell is someone so beautiful out here in the middle of nowhere?”


“I have some questions,” said Nora, looking into the eyes of the man.


“I am so damned horny,” said the man, shaking his head. “It has been so long since I’ve had a woman. But I don’t do that anymore. God told me to not do that anymore.”


“Were you a Raider at one point?”


“I don’t do that anymore,” said the man. “Not since the robots came from their hell, appearing in blue flashes and cutting everyone down. God saved me. I got away, yes I did. Got away with the box the dying man had carried. No one else got away. They all died, and I hid in the swamp for days until they left. But I’ve been good since then. I grow my own food, and don’t harm no one. But I get so damned lonely out here.”


“I’m not going to hurt you,” said Nora in a gentle tone. “In fact, cooperate with me, and I might do something to alleviate the loneliness for a night. Does that sound like something you’d like?”


“I would, like that. But I don’t force myself on women anymore.”


“It wouldn’t be forced. But first you need to answer my questions.”


“You aren’t with the robot people are you?” asked the man, eyes widening as his narrow shoulders shivered.


“Nope,” said Nora, letting her pheromones flow. “I am the enemy of the robot people. And I need to know what happened to the box the dying man was carrying.”


“I hid it. I didn’t want the robot people to come back and find me with it. Not after what they did to the others. Breaking bones, flaying mens alive, burning their feet. It was too much, and I caught a glimpse of hell. I didn’t want to go to that place, so I turned over my life to God.”


“Well,” said Nora, coming closer to the man and running a hand over a cheek, her voice sultry. “I really want that box. If you give it to me, I can be very nice to you.”


“You’d fuck me?” said the man, his ugly face lighting up. “You’d let old Roger stick it in you?”


“I sure would. If you give me that box, I’ll be very grateful.” She ran a hand down his shirt, running it inside and over his chest. Nora felt a little bit bad about the way she was manipulating the man to get what she wanted. With her pheromones and her sexuality she could make most men do what she wanted. She pushed down those feelings. She really needed that box, and the man was going to get a reward out of it. Probably what he wanted most in the world at this time.


“I can get you the box,” said the man. “If you promise not to give it to the robot people.”


“The robot people won’t get it,” said Nora, getting on her knees and working at the front of Roger’s pants. “I promise.” Nora pulled the firming cock from his pants, stroking it with a hand, then slapping it against her face. “And I promise to be very good to you in return.” Nora kissed the head of the throbbing organ, then licked down the shaft.


“Yes,” said the breathless man. “Please suck me. No,” he said, putting his hands on her head and trying to pull her away. “I want to fuck you. So I don’t want to Cum in your mouth.”


“Why not both,” said Nora, putting the head into her mouth and working it over with her tongue, feeling it firm up even more. She reached her left hand into his pants and started to gently play with his balls, pulling the cock deeper into her mouth.


Roger got to the entrance to her throat, but had little to push past. She licked his balls while she sucked on the head, listening to the intake of breath as the man fell into the pleasure of the blow job. It didn’t take long, and very soon the head swelled while his hands gently played with her hair. With a grunt the first spurt went into her mouth. It had a more than average salty taste to it. Not bad, and she gobbled it up and sucked it down her throat.


“That was too quick,” she told the man, looking up at him with his softening dick against her face. “After we get the box I’ll have to give you another treat, and make it last longer this time.”


“I’ll get you the box,” said the man, pushing his dick back into his pants. “I couldn’t get it open no how. It was too strong, the lock too complicated. So I buried it out in the swamp. But come with me and we’ll get it for you.”


Nora followed the excited man into the swamp, tasting his Cum on the way. She was thinking that he had probably not gotten off with another person in all the years he had been living out here. That brought a smile to her face, that she could give him pleasure. And after she got the box she meant to get a little pleasure out of him as well. Now that the edge was off he was sure to last longer. Hopefully long enough to give her an orgasm.


The man dug at a patch of ground under a tree with the shovel he brought. After about ten minutes the shovel hit something, and Roger shouted in glee as he worked the digging instrument around the buried object. He pried it up and into the air, then brushed the dirt away from the black shining surface of the box, holding it out to her with a smile of triumph on his face.


“Here you go,” he said. “Now you going to do what you said you would? Where can we do it?”


Nora looked over the box, which had the look of some high-tech work. There was an electronic lock on one end, a blinking red light showing that it still had power. Of course the Raiders couldn’t get it open. It needed to be hacked, and for that they needed an interface. Like her Pip-boy. She looked up into the lust filled face of the man, doubt flashing as he wondered if she was going to go back on their deal.


“We can do it right here, if you want,” she said, starting to unbuckle her armor. “You can take me in the dirt. Will that do?”


“Yes. Anyplace,” said Roger, pulling his shirt over his head, then starting to work at the belt securing his pants.


“Let me,” said Nora in a breathless voice, reaching over and working on the belt of the man, dropping his pants, then continuing with her Forteleza armor. Roger’s eyes devoured her every step of the way, his dick standing at full attention and ready to go. Nora dropped the nano-armor, then pulled off her bra and panties and stood naked in front of the man.


“You are so beautiful,” said Roger as Nora slid into his arms. They kissed. Roger clumsy with lack of practice, Nora with complete aplomb and expertise. “So beautiful,” he hissed.


Nora pushed the man down with her strong arms, careful to not push too hard. She positioned him on his back, then straddled him, placing the tip of his dick against the wet entrance of her pussy. She slid down just a bit, letting him enjoy the feeling of penetration. Letting them both enjoy the feeling. With a sigh, watching his face the whole time, Nora slid down the entire way, feeling her tight pussy engulf his hard dick.


“You feel so good. I forgot how a woman felt. But I don’t remember it being this good.”


Probably because it wasn’t, thought Nora with a smile, starting to move up and down on the cock, her leg muscles clenching and unclenching as she rode the man. He lasted longer this time, though still not long enough, and too soon his dick swelled up and shot a load of semen into her tunnel. She shuddered from the feeling of making a man Cum, always a special occasion as far as she was concerned. Pussies were made to be Cum in had said her mother, and every occasion was an affirmation of her as a woman.


Her mother had been a contrast. A woman who had only had one man in her life, one dick spurting into her pussy. Nora had had a sister and three brothers, and mom had told Nora that she enjoyed sex, just with one man. Nora and her sister both fit the definition of slut, and she guessed her brothers did as well. Walter, the oldest, sure didn’t wasn’t any time getting his cock into his sisters, their initiation into sex, and the reason that both were on birth control. Nora had had a whole town full of dicks cum in her pussy before she met Nate, and scores more since she awoke in the Commonwealth. To her sex was something to be enjoyed without shame, and she meant to try many more men before they put her in the ground.


“You didn’t cum, did you?” asked an apologetic Roger.


“Nope. But we’re going to have another go and you can get me off.” Nora climbed off the man, feeling the semen flowing from her pussy to fall on Roger’s groin. With a smile she lay on her back and reached out to the man. “Now fuck the hell out of me, lover. Make me cum.”


Roger mounted her, his dick already hard again, and slid it into her well lubricated pussy. From there he went at it like a wild man. A man possessed, who hadn’t had any pussy in years, and didn’t know when he would get it again. He pulled and plunged, pulled and plunged, his pubic bone rubbing her clit with each thrust. Slowly it built, the feelings of pleasure spreading out from her lower back and centering on her clit. The pressure built, her body shaking from the crown of her head to the tips of her toes. Her pussy started to clench on the invader inside it and the dam broke, the tension in her body ramping up for a couple of seconds then breaking. With a cry she came. Physically it couldn’t have been the best she had, but the psychological high of pleasuring a man who hadn’t fucked anyone in years was enough to push her to new heights. With a cry Roger came, his dick swelling and pulsing shots of semen into her organ.


“Pussies are made to be Cum in,” she whispered as a wide smile graced her face.


“You came, didn’t you,” said the smiling man as he let his cock soften inside the pussy he was in.


“I came, lover. And it was a particularly good orgasm. So thank you.”


Moments later they were sitting beside each other, running hands over sweat slicked bodies, kissing at intervals.


“Who are you with, my angel? Did God send you?”


Nora laughed; a musical sound filled with humor. “Nope. I’m with the Minutemen. And I’m hoping what’s in that box will give us an edge over our enemies.”


“I thought the Minutemen were gone. Done.”


“We’re under new management, Roger. And if you want I can induct you into the organization as a militiaman.”


“Who do I have to fuck to get into that organization, with my history?”


“You have to fuck the commanding general, of course. But seeing that you just fucked her, and well, you’re in.”


“You,” said the man, his face a mask of shock. “But..”


“I’m just a woman, Roger. Somehow I got the position, mostly because no one else wanted it. But I’m still the woman I was beforehand. And I enjoyed our interlude. Unfortunately..”


“You can’t stay with me. I understand. I was just someone you needed something from, and your body was your currency.”


“Don’t take it wrong, Roger. What we did was special, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. But I need to move on. Someday I’ll tell you why. For now, just believe that it was something I wanted to do.”


“So, he got some?” asked Heather, smiling.


“How could you tell?” asked a smiling Nora.


“You mean besides you both crying out your passion and frightening all the birds?” said a laughing Barb. “Not a thing. So, I see you got the box by using your box. Does it have what we want?”


“We’ll find out tonight. Now, we need to get moving back to Murkwater to see how it’s shaping up.”


It took several hours of hacking with the Pip-boy, but eventually the lock on the box clicked open. Nora held her breath as she opened it, afraid that it was going to contain nothing of interest. What she found was the journal of an Institute scientist, along with the schematics and engineering notes on the Connecticut Institute of Technology teleporter.


“This is it,” she called out as she looked over the incomprehensible schematics, then cracked open the journal. She read about the journey of the scientist and his Synth guardians. Taking casualties along the way. Searching the other CIT, finding the plans, then the ambush as they reached the Commonwealth.


“So, how long to get it up and running?” asked Maccready. “Walking everywhere gets kind of tiring.”


“That depends on Sturgis, Conrad and the others. But I wouldn’t count on it being operational for quite some time. Maybe a year or more. Unless you want to volunteer to step into an untested device and have your molecules scrambled.”


“Not me,” said Maccready in a horrified voice. “I want them to send a thousand test animals, and just as many people, through before I get in the damn thing.”


Remembering the science fiction she had read as a girl, and all the horrific stories of things going wrong with teleportation, she was onboard with Robert’s misgivings. She would insist that the process was well tested before they put the bodies of valuable people through. But they had it. The schematics and research notes that would give them teleportation in time.


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