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Chapter Twenty-six: Saugus and Finch Farm.



“If you could get my grandpa’s sword back for me I would be much obliged,” said Abraham Finch, the expression on his face a mixture of anger and lust. From the look on Abigail Finch’s face he wasn’t getting any.


“What about Jake?” asked the pretty black woman. “Don’t you care what happens to your son?”


“I didn’t raise my son to be a Raider,” growled the farmer. “As far as I’m concerned, he’s dead to me.”


“What’s so special about this sword?” asked Barb.


They were all seated in the living room of the farm’s one structure, which was also the bedroom, kitchen and workshop. It had to be one of the most miserable shacks Nora had seen since waking up in the future. The family was obviously poor, though the crops of tatos, mutfruit and razor grain were doing well.


“Grandpa modified it to shoot flames,” said Abraham. “It’s a family heirloom. I’ll pay to get it back. How about three hundred caps.”


“You’re going to send these young women into that death trap for three hundred caps?” spoke Abigail in a loud voice, crossing her arms over her chest.


“Okay. Okay. Four hundred.”


Nora thought of all the mercenaries in the Commonwealth who had taken on missions that resulted in their deaths for such meager pay. She wasn’t doing it for the money, though everything she could get helped her mission. What she wanted was this farm added to her alliance. Built up, strengthened, an asset to this region.


“I’ll get your sword back,” she told the man, then looked over at the woman. “And I’ll see if I can get Jake out of the hands of the Forged.”


“Look out for the Gunner Camp at Hub City Auto Wreckers,” said Daniel, the couple’s other son. “You send a round their way, even accidentally, and they’ll be all over you.”


Great. So now we have a bunch of trigger happy mercs on the sidelines, thought Nora. If things went really south the Slog might get involved, and while she had no doubt

their new defenses would put paid to a bunch of the bastards, the residents of the farm were sure to take casualties as well.


It was still late morning, and she thought she and her crew could take out the Ironworks, get the sword back, and possibly sit in judgement of a young man who had gotten in over his head. Normally she wouldn’t care about one young man who had joined the Raiders. They made their decision and paid the price. However, this one had a name, a father and mother, a brother. He had become a person to her in her mind, and if he could be brought back into his family she would do it.


Saugus was two miles north of the Finch place. The farm itself was a nice place, with maybe fifty acres of crops, way too much for the manpower they had. And room for two hundred acres more. It was on the water, a brackish inlet, with a view across the larger straight to several islands and a causeway.  A long portion of elevated highway ran through the property from north to south, separated by a hundred yard gap from the section the Gunners were occupying. The smoke coming from the stacks of the ironworks showed that it was still a going concern, though she had no way of knowing what or how much they were producing. The thought of a famous forge like that in the hands of alliance was a wet dream, and hopefully they could make it a reality in the future.


“I think we’ll make the approach from the south,” said Nora to her people as they entered the mile wide stretch of woods. “I prefer not drawing fire to the slog.” Though if we need it, some of the turrets there can engage across the thousand yards of flat terrain, she thought.


Wiseman had been concerned about Saugus as well, which was why she had put such heavy defenses up facing that vector. She didn’t want the Forged, or the Gunners for that matter, walking into the Slog and taking everything they had.


“We’ve got people on the roof,” said Heather, scanning the building with her night vision goggles, which also did a hell of a job during the day. “They have some scoped rifles up there.”


“They’re just Raiders with a fancier name,” said Nora, turning to look at her partner. “They probably can’t shoot worth a shit. They’ll be lucky…”


Something slammed into Nora’s helmet, feeling much like a hammer blow to her head. Her vision went black, her head spun, and she felt herself falling, the thought that this might be it for her fleeting across her consciousness.


“I think she’s going to be okay,” came the faint voice of Heather to Nora’s returning consciousness.


“What happened,” she stammered as she opened her eyes onto a blurry image of the world.


“One of those can’t shoot worth a shit snipers put a round into you helmet,” said Barb, her tone one of disapproval. “Good thing you had that monster on, and good thing you were turning to talk to Heather. I doubt if your face would have kept the bullet from your brain.”


“And what in the hell were you thinking?” hissed Heather. “You’re always telling us to not assume.”


“They were Raiders,” said Nora, the shock of still being alive running through her.


“And we ran into one who could actually shoot,” continued the redhead. “I know you are pretty damned good with a rifle at range, but I’m thinking we need someone who is dedicated to scanning our battlefield and taking out threats like that one.”


“Got one in mind?”


Barb’s rifle chattered, followed by some short screams as the targets were serviced. “They’ve been coming at us in pairs and trios for the last ten minutes. Idiots.'


'And yes," said Heather. "I have someone in mind. Back in Goodneighbor.”


“I need to clear the upper part of the Works,” said Nora, pushing herself to her feet and standing with an unsteady gait. “As soon as I get myself together.”


“That sniper will gun your down,” hissed Heather.


“Not if I use some tech advantages against him.”


*     *     *


Nora looked down on the maze of walkways and small industrial shacks that took up the roof of the Ironworks. Her jetpack only let her take to the air for twenty seconds of less before she needed to land and give it a break, but the Stealthboy she was using only gave her that much time in invisibility. Her suppressed rifle whispered, and another rifle wielding Raider went down. She shifted aim on another and sent him to his fire god, then took out a third as she dropped toward the roof, reengaging the jetpack just before she hit, turning the fall into a soft touchdown. There were still Raiders up here, but she had taken out all of those with high powered scoped rifles.


The other half dozen on the roof were victims of her normal style of run and gun. Get to cover, assess the targets, take one out and run as fast as her legs would carry her to the next position. The Forged got in some shots, all well behind her as they misjudged her speed. That was not a hard thing to do when she moved faster than anything they had ever before seen. The last Forged taken care of, she dropped to the ground on her pack.


Okay,” she said as her people ran up to her, dogs out to the flanks. “I think that was all of them. But the sooner we get inside the sooner we don’t have to worry about hidden shooters out here.”


“No,” said Barb, shaking her head. “We only have to worry about being bushwhacked in a dark factory.”


Nora liked her chances there, since they had the dogs, robo and living, to ferret out people laying in wait. They entered through the front door, pausing to let the dogs get a lay of the interior, then proceeded in. Nora had four weapons on her body. The backup Desert Eagle .44 as a last resort, and her 40mm GL and her assault rifle were cross belted over her back. In hand she had a Garand, modified to be a powerful sniper rifle that could stop most anything with a single shot. It was quiet as well, and she had gotten particularly good at hip firing it.


There were two Forged down on the floor, talking about the initiation execution they were missing because someone named Slag was punishing them. The conversation ended as Nora put a .308 through the head of one, then the other, in just a little over a second. They then moved through the massive factory, looting as they went, Nora taking down most of their opposition without any forewarning. They had two short sharp fights, Barb and Heather cutting down their opponents, and reached the door to the inner forge.


“Okay. This is it. I want to save Jake if I can, and there may be some victims in here. So watch your fire.”


It was impossible to go through that heavy double door silently. And the Forged, over twenty of them, were waiting with weapons ready. A large man in Raider power armor stood on a walkway overlooking a cauldron of bubbling iron. He finished shoving a hot knife into the head of the woman kneeling in front of him and pushed her body into the cauldron, where it sank out of sight even while the flesh was being melted away.


“Now here’s someone worth my time,” said the man that Nora took to be Slag. “She is strong. Not a weakling like you, Jake. So, one last chance. Kill the meat kneeling in front of you, or you go into the cauldron.”


“Don’t do it, Jake," said Nora, looking over at the frightened face of the young man. "Just walk away.”


“Hah. There is no walking away from this. It’s do or…”


Nora whipped the barrel of the Garand up and let off a shot at the Raider who for the moment was sans helmet. The .308 entered through his forehead, just to the right of center, and the eyes of the boss rolled up. His body teetered for a moment, then pitched forward, man and power armor joining his latest victim in the hot liquid.


Barb and Heather moved as soon as she did, and if they weren’t as fast, they were fast enough. Barb swept the Forged to the right with her assault rifle, ten rounds a second for two seconds, and eight of the trumped-up Raiders died on their feet. Heather got out four quick shot with her laser, and four severely burned bodies fell to the grating. While Nora fired off six more rounds, and the Forged menace was over in an instant.


“How did you get involved in this, Jake?” asked Nora, watching as Heather untied the young man who was to be Jake’s initiation victim.


“I wanted to provide for my family,” cried the young man. “They said we would only be raiding outside of the Commonwealth. They said nothing about preying on the neighbors.”


“Well, you need to put this behind you and go home,” said Barb, coming down the stairs from where she had retrieved Shishkebab, the sword of Abraham Finch’s grandpa.


“I can’t go home. How can I face my dad?”


“I’ll help you," said Nora. "Come along with us and I’ll put in a word for you.”


“Why did you bother saving me?” asked the teary-eyed young man.


“Because I could,” said Nora, her own eyes tearing up as she thought of all the people she had killed because they were beyond redemption.


“I told you that you were dead to me,” said Abraham as he stormed up to his son. “Now get your ass off my farm and never show you face here again.”


“He stood up to the leader, Abraham,” said Nora, putting a hand on the farmer’s shoulder and spinning him to face her.




“Both of you, shut up,” screamed Abigail, her own eyes full of tears. “I want my family back. Now both of you make up and get along, or I’ll have you pealing tatos for the rest of the year. Do I make myself clear?”


“Yes, ma’am,” said both Finch males in unison.


“You can keep that old sword,” Abraham told Nora. “I have no use for it, and grandpa would get a kick out it getting some use to help people.”


Nora couldn’t see using it either, but she graciously accepted. It could fit a display back at Sanctuary if nothing else. “Now, about the matter we discussed earlier. If you join the alliance I will make sure that you have improved living condition, including defenses.”


“And you already have how many settlements signed up in this region?” asked Abigail.


“Let’s see. Taffington, County Crossing, Greentop, The Slog, Nordhagen Beach, and you make six. I would like to have more but only your locations have the red workbenches that make it possible to quickly construct infrastructure. If some other farms want to expand the old-fashioned way, that would be great, but they will have to take the time and make the effort.”


“Any other plans in the future?” asked Abraham.


“Well, we’ve got word that there are workbenches at Croup Manor, Kingspoint Lighthouse, and a tract of land to the north. So those are next on my list.”


“You are a wonder, Nora.”


“Well, I have a proposition for you,” she said, hoping that they would listen. The manner in which they were staring the robots quickly assembling the Core Services Building while the foundation to their new house was being laid down made her think they would.


“The damned Raiders didn’t stand a chance against you, did they?” asked Abigail, nudging her husband in the ribs with an elbow.


“So, what’s your proposition?”


“I need to establish a trade hub out here, and you have an ideal property for it. So give the Minutemen a deed to, let’s say, a hundred acres, and I’ll build something to rival Bunker Hill. You’ll get a cut of the profits as leaseholders, of course.”


“And just what will be on this trade hub?” asked Abraham, eyes narrowing.


“Well, a market, along with rentable quarters for caravan hands and visitors. A bar and club for their relaxation and entertainment. And a place where the tired and overburdened can get some relief.”


“You talking about a brothel?” asked Abigail.




“No need to get embarrassed. The men, and women, traveling in those caravans have their needs. I’m not a prude, and I think it’s a wonderful idea. So, Abraham?”


“Let’s do it,” said Abraham, nodding his head vigorously.


That night, as Nora prepared for bed after taking cold shower, the water heaters not due to be ready until the next day, she retired to her quarters in the CSB. When she had her clothes off and was getting ready to crawl into bed a loud knock sounded at her door.


“Jake,” she said with a smile, wearing only the bathrobe she had hastily donned. “What brings you here?” Looking at the young man, Nora was feeling decidedly horny. Her friends had thought she needed the night to rest, but she knew better, since nightmares about receiving a head wound were sure to intrude on her dreams.


“I just wanted to thank you for all that you did for me. For my family.”


“Come on in and have a seat.” Nora made sure that her bathrobe fell open a bit, just enough to show a good view of her tits and a tiny bit of nipple. “You are very welcome, Jake. And do you see something you like?”


The young man licked his lips as he nodded. Nora smiled, and shifted to show a bit more of her left breast, including the full nipple, erect and straining.


“How old are you, Jake?”


“I’m eighteen,” said the boy in a stammering voice.


“And have you ever had a woman before?”


“No. I mean, no way. We’re out here in this isolated spot, with only the occasional caravan. And the women in those want nothing to do with you if you’re not a caravanner.”


Nora thought that was about to change, but she had an opportunity here to be the young man’s first, the woman he would measure all others against. It was an opportunity she was not about to pass up. Getting to her feet she allowed the robe to fall to the floor, standing naked in all her glory before the breath taken young man.


“Like what you see?”


Jake only nodded, unable to speak.


“Do you want to fuck me?”


Again the vigorous nod. “Then get up here and kiss me. We have to start things off the right way.”


Of course Jake didn’t last long once his hard young cock was in her pussy. A couple of minutes of thrusting and months of pent up juice was flowing into her. In a way it was disappointing, but this first fuck had not been about her. And being young he was up for another go in minutes. This time she was close to an orgasm when he came, and some work with her mouth had him up and ready again. The third time was a charm, and she hit her peak while he was still thrusting, coming down and back up into another sweet orgasm as he spurted his third load of the night into her.


“That was wonderful,” said Jake, lying beside her in bed and caressing a breast while she played with his balls.


“Up for another go?” She felt his cock hardening, and smiled. “Yep, you’re up for another go.”


The next day Nora was up and looking over the farm. The initial construction was almost complete, and a strong battery of turrets faced down the Gunner compound, including a half dozen on the elevated roadway.


“Jake can’t stop smiling today,” said Abraham. “What did you do to my boy?”


“I took his virginity, Abraham. I’m not always a good woman.”


“You are wrong there. You are an exceptionally good woman, who takes the time to take care of the little things.”


“I got something out of it as well,” said Nora with a laugh. “Jake was not all that skilled, but persistence paid off.”


“Well good for him. And you know he has a brother who is also a virgin, if you want to spread the wealth.”


Nora decided to spend a week here before moving on to Croup. Her head still hurt from the bullet her helmet had stopped, and she was plain tired. So she supervised the Trade Center built on the waterfront, along with an attached hotel and a club. The brothel was built as a standalone a little ways down the beach, with a luxurious lobby and four rooms for the prostitutes to entertain their clients. She still had to recruit some girls, hoping that they would be young, pretty and enthusiastic, not an easy combination to find.


The next night she fucked Daniel, then the night after had a three-way with the brothers. She let them down easily after that, letting them know she had enjoyed it, and was glad she could be their first, but that she was not a steady thing for them. And then, when three caravans had gathered to sell their wares to local farmers and check out the new facility, she moved forward with the event she had been planning. After all, she enjoyed everything she did, but financing materials was expensive, and once again they were flat broke.


*     *     *


“Okay. Everyone know what they’re doing?”


“I’m Fluffing?” asked Barb, eyes wide.


“Just get them hard before they come in to my room. No need to get them off, unless they really want to cum in your mouth. If they do, charge them extra. They’ve paid to cum in me, not you. And only if you want to. Got it.”


“It’s been a while since I’ve whored,” said Barb. “But I’m sure it will come back to me.”



“I take the money and get them lined up. You don’t want me to do anything with them?”


“Only if you want to. And charge extra.” Heather was the one she wasn’t sure of. The woman had admitted that she had never done it for money. Like Barb and Nora, she had endured a rape or two, and had had several lovers, most of them women and the most recent Nora and Barb.


“I’ll think about it.”


“I know this was nothing that either of you were expecting to do, but the point is, we’re flat broke. I’ve seen the way those caravan people have been looking at us, and this seems like an easy way to separate them from their caps.”


“You’re doing most of the work?” protested Heather. “That doesn’t seem fair.”


“And I’ve made my living on my back before,” said Nora with a smile. “So it’s no big deal to me. Especially with your herbals protecting me from disease, and the fact is that I can’t get pregnant. It will be fine. I’ll do what I’ve done before, and we’ll have a thousand caps or so at the end of the night. Enough to buy the supplies we need.”


Of course there was the rental of the room in this trade settlement. The Abernathy’s hadn’t wanted to charge her anything, but the brothel and the hotel belonged to their farm, and she wanted them to reap some of the rewards. And the showers for afterward to get the goo off of her weren't free. But they would run at most fifty caps, and they would still have nearly a thousand caps. And if it wasn’t enough, Nora had an idea for the next night.


“You’re on,” said the caravan guard they had hired for security this night. A deal with a free piece of ass on another night. A long and slow session of unhurried sex. Nora nodded, took a quick drink to squelch her butterflies, and walked out onto the raised platform that served as a show stage of the attached club. The radios were on, playing music from a Jazz station, and Nora approached the microphone. “First for a little show to warm you up. And feel free to toss caps on the stage.”


Nora started to sway to the music, turning around, gracefully raising a leg into the air, then jumping to come down in a split. She raised up from that position, her hands starting to unbutton the light shirt she had worn on the stage. A few dance moves and the shirt was over her shoulders, then tossed into the audience, mostly men, who were staring at her with rapt attention.


She unzipped her skirt, then slid it down and off, letting it fall to her feet and stepping out, kicking a foot high into the air. She kicked her shoes off next, each going spinning into the crowd. She hoped she would get them back at the end of the night. While not prohibitively expensive, they did cost caps, and the point of tonight was profit, not giving away clothing.


She spun on stage, reaching behind her and undoing the clasp on her bra, then letting the straps fall as she held the cups in place with her hands. A few flash moves, revealing, then hiding, and she let the bra drop, showing off her stiff nipples. The men went wild, clapping and yelling, realizing that they were watching an artist at work. Some more moves, teasing with her panties, and they dropped as well, leaving her naked on the stage. She had removed her Pip-Boy earlier and let Heather wear it for safekeeping. Wanting the effect of total nudity, she thought the portable computer did not fit.


Nora danced, a vibrant play of limbs, kicking her feet into the air, revealing everything. At one point she raised a foot high into the air, turning on her plant foot, opening up her pussy to the eyes of the audience. Caps were showering the stage, the men all trying to outdo each other as their cocks strained in their pants. Nora could feel the moisture dripping from her pussy, running down her plant leg in a glistening stream. The men could see it too, could tell that she was aroused, and knew they would get a hot wet woman tonight. Unlike so many of the dry tired whores that worked the circuit.


“Give me a couple of minutes,” she said to Barb and Heather as they set up in the brothel lobby. “Then send the first one in.”


“Of course you can blow me a bit, honey,” said a male voice outside the tent. “Don’t think I need it, but I would be a fool to turn down that pretty mouth.”


The sounds of a dick being sucked came through the side of the tent, Barb going to work. It went on for several minutes, and the sound aroused Nora even more.


“I think that’s enough, honey. I want to cum in that hot pussy in there. No offense.”


“None taken. Next.”


“Come here and fuck me, hunk,” said Nora, laying on the bed with open legs, her arms reaching out for the man.


“First things first,” said the hunky caravan guard, pulling off his clothing, then climbing onto the bed to bury his face in Nora’s cunt. She moaned as his tongue lapped at her pussy, sucking in juices. “Tasty,” he said, moving up and kissing Nora on the lips, letting her taste her own juices.


Nora reached down and placed the tip of his dick at her opening, then grabbed his buttocks and pulled him in. The large cock penetrated an inch, then stopped as the man let her adjust. He definitely knew what he was doing, and he worked it in an inch at a time until he had bottomed out. Nora smiled at him, then kissed him again as she enjoyed the feeling of being filled up.


“Now fuck me,” she said. The man complied, slowly moving in and out, his pubic mound rubbing against hers on each full penetration. Soon she was gasping out her passion. She had forgotten how arousing it could be to fuck a stranger, giving pleasure with no thought of the morning. No relationship, no responsibilities to each other. Just fucking for the payoff, monetary and sexually.


“You are so goddam wet and tight,” said the man, his face scrunched up in extasy. “I don’t think I’m going to last long.”


“Take your time,” said Nora, stroking the nameless man’s muscular back. “I’m yours to enjoy, so get what you can out of me.”


The man had some stamina, and lasted longer than Nora thought he would. She clamped down her tight pussy, giving him all the wet friction she could muster. Her own pussy started going in the convulsions of an orgasm, her riding out the pleasure of the hard member going in and out of her softness. And with a roar the man came, his dick swelling, then shooting spurt after rhythmic spurt into her sopping wet cunt.


“Much obliged, ma’am,” said the man, kissing her full on the lips, then pulling out and getting off the bed to gather up his clothes. The semen dripped from her pussy, a delicious sensation that told her that it had been real.


“Next,” called out Nora after she had used a rag to wipe most of the semen out of her. A short unattractive man came into the tent, starting to pull his clothes off as he walked toward the bed. Nora gave the man a welcoming smile. His attractiveness, or lack of it, didn’t matter. He was a customer, paying for a service she was providing, and it was a point of pride to give him the best she was capable of.


This one had a short fat cock, the kind she really loved. It let him push the entire thing inside her, rubbing their groins together, without the discomfort an overly long member caused going past her cervix. Unfortunately, the perfect cock had little stamina, and less than five minutes into the act he shot his load. He was smiling as he got off of her, though, so she figured he had gotten what he wanted.


“Oops,” exclaimed Barb. Nora, stifled a laugh and knew what had happened. Barb had gone too far, and the man she was fluffing had exploded in her mouth.


“No problem,” said the man. “I enjoyed it. You sure know how to blow a man.”


“Well, if you want pussy, get back in line and get yourself hard,” said a giggling Barb.


Nora laughed. Barb was enjoying herself. The point of this was to make caps, but if they got some enjoyment out of it so much the better.


“You’re already hard,” said Barb to the next man. “So go on in.”


“I want the whole experience, babe. So suck my dick for a minute then send me in.”


It was a little more than a minute, but then one of the largest men Nora had ever seen walked in the tent, his enormous dick stretching to front. “Sure you can handle this?” he asked with a smirk. “Most of the ladies say it pains them too much.”


“I can handle you,” said Nora, hoping she was right. Two cocks had already stretched her out some, though she could still always clamp down when needed. She threw the rag to the side, hoping that she had cleaned herself out enough, then motioned the man to come to her.


Nora grunted as the huge dick slid into her. She held him back, letting herself adjust, until he was all the way in. “Fuck me lover. But go slow until I tell you different.”


“Yes, ma’am. Wouldn’t want to hurt a beautiful lady like yourself.”


The man was good at following directions. At one point, when he had gotten into pounding her and Nora winced as the massive cock pushed too far in, he apologized and watched his depth of penetration closely. He lasted a half an hour, sending Nora into multiple orgasms, then blasted a massive load into her pussy.


“You were really Cumming, weren’t you,” he asked with wide eyes as he pulled his weight off of her.


“I always do.”


The man dropped thirty extra caps on the bed as he went for his clothes. “You were the best I’ve ever had. I hope I can have you again someday.”


Nora thought she would like that. Though she normally didn’t like cocks that big, since their owners were often careless with them, this gentleman had been incredibly careful, and the cascade of orgasms had been a delight.


“Next,” she called out, wondering what the guy would be like. No one entered, and she heard the gasping of an aroused woman and the slapping of groins from outside the tent. Curious, she got to her feet and looked out the tent flap. To see Heather and Barb both on their backs, legs in the air as a pair of caravanners fucked the hell out of them.


“I guess I have the next slot,” said a ravishingly handsome man, coming up to her. “The next fellows didn’t want to wait, and it seemed your friends were happy enough to take them on.”


Seeing the rapturous looks, the smiles, on the faces of her two friends, she guessed they were incredibly happy they had taken the men on. Well, good for them, thought Nora. She was always happy when friends got some good sex, and the men were doing a particularly good job of sending the two over the edge.


Nora took on four more, Barb and Heather three each, before Nora’s last trick of the night entered the tent. “Doc Weathers?”


“My boys kept raving about the best pussy they had ever had,” said the doctor, stripping out of his clothes. “And I thought that I needed to try it out myself.”


Doc had an average cock, and Nora had been stretched by the larger members that night. Still, she kept herself clean and wet, and her vaginal muscles were powerful indeed. She soon had Doc Weathers gasping in passion as he sent her into a last orgasm of the night. She clamped down on him, giving him the tightest pussy she possibly could, and played with his balls when he came.


“Marvelous. I think the men sold you short. That was the best sex I have ever had, Nora. Ask me for a discount the next time you’re shopping for meds.”


“Well, to say I was surprised would be an understatement,” she said to her two friends as they came into the tent to clean up and straighten themselves out.


“I wasn’t going to fuck any of them,” said Heather, blushing. “But hearing how much fun you were having, all the orgasms, set my pussy on fire. So when a good-looking man propositioned me, I said yes. For a price of course,” she finished, breaking out in a laugh.


“I’m glad you all enjoyed it,” said Nora, grinning from ear to ear. “Because I think we might have another night or two in this group if we want to make more caps. How many did we make, by the way. And whatever you earned is yours to keep. I was only counting on my earnings to stake us.”


“We made almost two thousand caps, Nora,” exclaimed Heather, nodding at a smiling Barb. “Easiest money ever.”


“And I thought you had sworn off men,” Nora said, looking at Barb. “And that you were too shy,” she said, looking at Heather.


“Well, you were having such a good time, I thought, why not,” said Barb. “I’m glad I did. There’s nothing like having a dick inside your pussy, to orgasm from groin to groin. To feel his seed fired into you from his excitement. To know that you have that kind of control over a strong man.”


“Ditto,” said Heather. “I’ve got to have more. Not that I don’t want more of you two, but the men were something special. Weren’t they?”


“They can be,” said Nora, frowning. “Just be careful. Some of them can be real assholes, and I really don’t want to have to kill one or more because he abused my friends.”


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