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Qyra Noir

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I cannot claim to have attended many parties in my life. I also never loved like normal people. And as for men, well, I don't know what it means to share a bed with them. Soft and gentle kisses or tenderness are not part of my destiny. The rough tidal wind that slowly takes me, the waves of the salty sea, in the mountains and in the shade of the old trees, under a starry and sparkling sky, is where I feel at home. I visited many places, saw very badly. These are my priceless memories that will stay with me to death. A lonely wanderer, forever cursed to advance toward a bright sun on the horizon


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It's not everyday one gets to see ebony tanned characters, and your seems particularly beautiful. And so is the writing. Shame it's so short, you could've the potential for a good first person story with that kind of dark atmosphere. :classic_smile:

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