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About this blog

The world of Hentami has been inside me forever.


It's time to set it free!

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Hentami: Vendetta, Chapter Two

Chapter Two of Hentami:Vendetta is coming along very nicely.   A interactive torture scene where you get to beat the info out of an old acquaintance is the kinetic theme here. Undecided if the format will stay the same, it's very simple right now and it feels right but we may add more mouse swinging into the mix.   Instead of our normal staple of professions I know to add VO to the characters I tossed up a free addition to see what interest we get. There are always amazing un



Hentami: 3D First Public Demo

Alpha release of our current game engine demo.   demo_download   Graphic Novella Engine Sex scenes Fight scenes Option scenes   Our first public release of our custom written graphic novella engine. Our goal is to not just tell erotic stories but include much more then clicking "next" to explore a story. We hope to bring a fresh perspective to the Visual Novel genre and surpass the standard RenPy gameplay by miles.   Telling erotic adult stor



Hentami Babydoll

Our lovely VN character in a babydoll dress.   She has been a labor of love, I hope you enjoy her too!   Lately, I have been transitioning into 3D modeling. Once a model is done, the speed at which you can create new ideas is now so much faster then hand drawing every single scene. Our own anime style art which we feel perfectly displays our vision of beauty will never die. But, we must concede to speed and now focus on better modeling techniques.



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