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The various adventures of Tamriel's Heroes and Sluts (LMAO) Featuring Almaty Black(Skyrim), Jenny Flamel(Oblivion), and Rydian The Reviver(ESO) 


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THE FALL of Lycanthropus

Most people of the Imperial City think Jenny as nothing more of a "Cheap CUM BUCKET" -(sheeeesshhhh)- little did they know; when she seeks her fortune, you best not fuck with her. A lesson that Lycanthropus would soon know.  When rumors of Werewolves  spread across Cyrodiil from IC to Chorrol, Jenny Flamel made haste in seek of her fortune. When she arrived to Chorrol she was well aware of Jauffre and the priory outside of the city, but decided now is not the time to return the Amulet of Ki
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