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Last Exception help please

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3 hours ago, geraldcan27 said:



There are no obvious signs that anything is wrong but i keep getting the warning from WickedWhims anyways. I'm not sure of the issue it just keeps telling me that a Last exception file was made a link is provided to the text of the file

This is an odd one and its related to Wicked Whims. Check you have the latest WW and try using the command ww.fix in the console. See if that helps

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33 minutes ago, geraldcan27 said:


It still pops up I did what you said and used the command ww.fix and I have the latest version. I'm not sure whats wrong but thank you for telling me the command it at least fixed another issue I had

Unless someone else has some insight into this, I can only think of a corrupt save. Have a read of this on Turbodrivers help section CLEANING GAME SAVE 

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2 hours ago, geraldcan27 said:

'm not sure but the file now looks different https://pastebin.com/CCXVwPpW

Have you updated Basemental Drugs? There are now exceptions showing for that. Again the original exception is still there.


Edit: Did some searching and the original exception is related to custom traits, how many are you using? If you have a lot of them it will be the tedious 50/50 to find the culprit, if you only have a few just test one at a time.

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4 minutes ago, geraldcan27 said:

Problem solved it was one custom trait causing it thank you Soulbound and everyone for the help

Glad it's fixed, I'm wondering if its the same trait that Autobanned mentioned in a previous post. Could you tell me the custom trait that was causing the problem, so the Author is made aware.

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