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Green penis

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I have the updated version of wicked whims, and I've recently downloaded Lunars penis mod, as the Noir ones kept showing up black. When I create a male sim, I only use the EA skins, but now I no longer get the default penis, I want. My sims penis's are green for all of the default darker skin sims. What am I doing wrong, please help.

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If that skintone you're using is part of Xmiramira's melanin pack, that is where the problem is. I've concluded that the melanin pack doesn't have a penis texture. So it'll either be green or black. Either that or you're using a default skin that doesn't have a penis texture.

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I agree..its a conflict with the skins you are using..i stick to lunar as well as BetterBodies (sorry i dont have the link but its on turbo's wicked whims post, just scroll down and it will tell you a list of animators he uses and are compatible skins. i havent had a problem since. I deleted everyone elses. once it was back to normal, i tried other skins but one at a time, so if it messed up i knew what to delete. by the way your sims in the pic are so good looking..damn !!! except for the green penis, very sexy...i never upload anyones sim cause i like to make my own, but i would upload yours ..Good Luck with solving the problem. BetterBody comes with a penis skin.

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