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Female legs slimming down when clothed in CAS!

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So essentially, I don't know what to do. I have all of that last exemption file gubbins going on so at this point i am ready to just delete EVERY SINGLE bit of cc i have, which is like.... 6000 probably because I cannot find the problem with that. I could survive the last exemption, but I cannot be dealing with this leg glitch.


I am in CAS and my females legs are, lets say, volumtuous. Nomatter what I put on her bottom half, unless I am keeping her naked down there, the clothes slim her legs down. I have even made her legs as thin as possible and put bottom stuff on, be it CC or game content.... but the glitch or whatever slims her legs down even MORE, proving to me that this is an actual problem and not just me being a plum.


Long story short. Bottom half goes down a couple of sizes nomatter what I do and if I want a female sim with thick legs, i have to overdo it as the bottom half slims her down nomatter what I do. BUGS THE HELL OUTTA ME LEMME TELL YE


Please say someone else is having this issue with slimming legs on all females with bottom parts on.

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