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[Patreon] The Idols Realm: Zero


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Hi Loverslab!


I am oniissx, the developer of the IR:Z. An RPG raising simulator with visual-novel-style dialog and QTE (quick time events).





I love modding and used to mod games a lot. But at some point, I realized how limited and hacky it sometimes felt with many games, so I decided to create a new game with all the necessary tools and editors being native game systems.

Character customization, animation editor, dialog editor and more, all right inside the game.


Currently working on animation editor.

You can download the initial version 0.1 here https://www.patreon.com/posts/animation-editor-17161619


Future story:

You started up a talent academy in the realm zero.

Suddenly, a portal to other realms with user-generated content has opened!


Planned gameplay:

Students attend events, such as dance lessons, live concerts, fan meetups, photo sessions and more to learn new skills and get more followers.
Live acting boosts idols' popularity. Private lessons boosts their attractiveness.
By growing idols' fan base, their live performances will gather larger and larger crowds, unlock new grander scenes, epic scene gear, costumes, etc.


Technical features in development:

  • Easy interpolation curves
  • Inverse kinematics
  • Decal projections on any surface (face, body, scene)
  • Saving and loading whole animation with nice previews
  • Proper dope sheet
  • Timeline tracks for audio, camera, lights and QTE




v 0.2

  • New body editor sliders (height, arms length, etc.)
  • Better controls for world positioning





General discussion. Questions, suggestions, critique, all welcome.


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