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(HELP REQUEST) Merged Plugins Error


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I posted this on the Nexus forums two days ago, but haven't gotten any response, so I thought I'd see if you guys could help. If this is in the wrong place, I apologize, but I wasn't quite sure where to post it. So, I have been merging plugins to try to optimize my fallout mods into the most conflict-free and stable setup I can. I've been using the Merge Plugins program to automate the merging of esp's, and I found that some of my merged files have a few errors in fo4edit that I'm not sure how to fix. Here's the error fo4edit kicks out:


[00:00] Checking for Errors in [06] Merged World 03.esp
[00:01] [REFR:00055EB6] (places TreeMapleForest3 "Maple Tree" [STAT:0004A075] in GRUP Quest Children of SanctuaryExt07 [CELL:0000DD40] (in Commonwealth "Commonwealth" [WRLD:0000003C] at -21,22) in Precombined\0000DD40_8971F8CA_OC.nif)
[00:01]     REFR \ Quest -> Found a CELL reference, expected: QUST
[00:01] [REFR:00055EB7] (places TreeMapleForest5 "Maple Tree" [STAT:0004A071] in GRUP Quest Children of SanctuaryExt07 [CELL:0000DD40] (in Commonwealth "Commonwealth" [WRLD:0000003C] at -21,22) in Precombined\0000DD40_BE2F3B7D_OC.nif)
[00:01]     REFR \ Quest -> Found a CELL reference, expected: QUST
So, I go to the records where the error is, and I see the problem is that at the top of the View window, just above the record header. If I highlight the topmost cell in the fallout4.esm file, the cell above the record header displays "Cell." If I click that same cell under Merged World 03.esp, the cell above the record header displays "Quest." I'll post an image for reference.
Data Conflict Capture.JPG
So, my question is, how do I change it so that it the proper "Cell" reference is in my merged mod, so that this error goes away? If I highlight that cell in my mod, it doesn't give me any way to edit that reference. Also, I should note, that when testing my mod in game, it all seemed to be working properly, so I'm not sure if this is even necessary, but I wanted to know, just in case, if it was possible to fix it. I have other mods that kick this same cell/quest error and if any of you know how it can be resolved, I would appreciate it greatly!
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Not sure on all that, but I DO know that you shouldn't merge world editing mods together. Either with Merged Plugins or FO4Edit. It breaks precombines and navmeshes, which in turn, causes crashes in your game and corrupt saves.


Unless you're familiar with Creation Kit and navmeshing of course. Then you'll have to re-navmesh all those things you merged manually.


At least, that is what I remember from it when I asked about merging those types of mods.

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