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[REQUEST] [IDEA] Devious Growths

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Not entirely sure where or how to post this but thought I'd give it a shot on here as I'm a relatively new user to LL. I have experience in java-script but going into Skyrim

and the papyrus system and such left me confused so I thought create this compilation for someone else. It may seem like a lot but I have no way of ever

completing any of it but still want to put this idea to come forward.


Premise: Extension mod for Deviously Cursed Loot (And thus Devious Devices) that adds or expands upon the Rubber Doll Suit system and adds multipled differing types of armors, creatures and devices that will grow slowly (or quickly) on the character with varying effects. Many of these ideas would plug into other mods and would give more opportunities as a user adds more mods to their list.


  • Estrus Tentacle Harness: Although this is already a DD item it could be made to grow and expand on the players body similar to what is described in Sexlab Stories when you find a book in Blackreach telling the story of a mage lost in the falmar underground. The harness would grow slowly over time when in dungeons or in dark and dank areas of the world. Finally product may allow werewolf-like abilities and strengths and moderate protection from chaurus style armor in light/heavy variants that could be selected in MCM.


  • Bimbo Suit: Alteration of the Rubber Doll Suit that will act a bit like one of the curses from Sexlab Hormones. After being equipped with this it will be a scantily clad version of the rubber doll armor that put a minimum cap on your aroused level, causing random events to occur which make it grow and cover more of your body and making it harder to remove. This could alter your body and increase some favorable proportions after it covers more of the body. Remaining relatively pure and stagnant will cause it to fall off but it gets harder to avoid those situations the more it covers you. 


  • Cursed Cow Bell: Similar to a mod I saw a while back that may bhavr been cancelled, this would slowly convert the character to a Milk Mod Economy style milk cow. Breast growth and possibility of DD style forced items such as hooves, utters, horns and such. Conversion could be sped up, slowed or undone by eating/drinking certain milk products or modded items. 


  • Molag Bals Cursed Armour: Specialty heavy armor that slowly turns into a more "lightened" version either through perverse or deranged actions against other mortals. The armor is good to start but slowly shrinks, locking the player into it as they defeat NPCs or fall to their desires. Buffs may be provided as this could be a workable armor that makes the player stronger in combat but makes them open to those with ill intentions and pleasurable desires.


  • Succubi Growth: Created with the remains of traitorous succubi by their daedra lords, this substance infects those who are poisoned or eat it. Provides negative buffs, changing the players skin to a corrupted tone, the player is driven by the list and desire of a succubus but without the natural protections and powers. Player will have increased arousal, will automatically interact with highly aroused NPCs and will have modified proportions as the growth continues. Removing it may involve special alchemical ingredients but semen and the like will advance its growth and changes to the player.


  • Dragon Priest Mold: Used to convert the ancient priests to necrotic creatures, this rare but potent growth will slowly spread over the player, boosting the player with magical energies. This is of course at a cost and with possible negative repercussions to a female not trained or attuned to the powers given to those priests. This growth makes the player weaker as it advances, decreasing stamina and removing the ability to wear heavy armours over the body at later stages, this however is made up for in reductions to Magicka costs, increased Magicka limit and a thinner body. This could be removed by Greybeards for a price or advanced farther by using dragon products.


This will become a collection of ideas and suggestions as I browse or randomly think about them, all credit goes to the mods and modmakers, though I can't at the moment I will list any I make reference to and can get a name or link for.

  • Devious Devices-Made by Kimy and some other great modders I don't know the names of
  • Milk Mod Economy
  • Sexlab Stories
  • Deviously Cursed Loot
  • Estrus Chaurus, and EC+
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