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Conflicting mods

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Hey Sexlab communities, I have recently stumbled into a problem that hinders my FNV experience. The problem is whenever i attempt to run Sexout along with other mods (I.E Resources, animmanager ect)It says that the files for the Weapon mod manager are missing or corrupt, and i need to re-install to correct the problem. I have done this and i still have error stopping me from running my game. Also, when i walk into a new area, my game refused to open the pause menu, and corrupts to the last point i saved. If there are any possible fixes for these problems, please notify me, as i really would like t start replaying Fallout, and I don't want to feel like i wasted my money on a game i can't play

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I have this same issue, It had another bug with it. The second bug was i was unable to talk to npcs. Finally got it fixed but the locked pause menu bug is still happening. Along with NPCs dialog being overlapping in the box to just one line which sticks me in permanent dialog. I also run Weapon Mod Menu for all of my Millenia weapons. Hoping thats not what is hindering sexout.

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