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[REQUEST] House slave/master's normal daily routine

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One of my in-game kinks is the idea of being slave to some of the more famous/upright families in Skyrim. This is already doable in a number of mods, but they often involve reducing the activities of the NPC master to things they wouldn't ordinarily do. Use ME to get enslaved to Eorland Grey-Mane or Jarl Elisif and they're going to become complainers who drag you off to inns when they have perfectly good houses to stay in. Use SD+ and there's going to be a lot of kneeling while you try to figure out how to get your status up.


What I'd like is:


1. NPC masters keep you at their homes and go about their usual daily routines -- working, shopping, holding court, etc.

2. NPC master will take you with them for certain things -- for example, if you're enslaved to the Grey-Manes, Fralia will take you to the marketplace and whore you out or put you on display; Eorlund will do the same thing, or give you to the Companions to pass around for the length of the workday.

3. At night, if the NPC master has a house, he/she goes there and takes you with them.

4. Sex, punishments, etc. could be random OR (MCM selectable) wishlist-based, a la ME. Also, for infractions, a master would order you into bondage furniture for whipping.

5. House visitors: at intervals, other NPC's show up at the house at night as guests of the master. The master offers you to them for torture/sex.


I don't need huge dungeons or complex quests... just a master that stays at home and goes about his daily business with a couple of "minor" modifications.

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