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Wicked Interactions? plus other requests

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Hi I have a few requests 1 is an Idea I recently got this idea is basically an adult overhaul of the sims 4 this will overhaul not only traits, interactions but it will also add new job interactions and chance cards like I'm not asking for animations I'm asking for some more adult themed actions such as (some may be restricted to certain genders)


Computer interactions


1.Watch Cartoon Porn... Anime, Sims Filmmaker(Sims version of Source Filmmaker), Cartoon


2.Flash Tits on gaming live stream (Female only, requires Gaming skill, must be flirty)


3.Upload Image of Body to WooHub (the sims version of PornHub, Female Only)


4.Record amature porno of self (maybe this mod can add a webcam your sim can use to record him/her self )


5.Upload amature Porno to WooHub



1. Create sex mod


2. Upload sex mod to Llamaslab.com(the sims version of Loverslab haha)


3. Animate Sims Filmmaker Porn Video.


Phone Interactions...

1. Sext sim


2. Send photo of nude body(Female only, must be flirty)


3. Send photo of penis(Male only, must be flirty)


Chance Cards

Tech Guru


1. MOCAP Porn Star(female only)

[Sim's name here] is working on your Company's latest game "Attack of the Pregnators" when her boss comes in with a question, apparently the actress who was supposed to have sex while wearing a mocap suit to make the game's sex scenes more realistic, has called in sick and [Sim's name here] boss is asking if she can fill her shoes, you will be spending the entire day having sex with many guys and gals and even a very realistic animatronic tentacle alien monster, this could end badly but [Sim's name here]'s boss is offering $1000 if you do it, should she risk it?


Good End: [Sim's name here] has completed her task for the day and got paid very well, and to be honest it was kinda fun(Comes home exhausted but has gained $1000 and lots of performance)


Bad End: [Sim's name here] is exhausted, that mocap suit was very hot, and worst of all a lot of the actors came inside her!(Comes home exhausted, has gained $1000 but very little performance but is in a very bad mood plus a chance to be pregnant)


2. Ad Girl(Female Only)

Sex sells and [Sim's name here]'s boss thinks its time to put that to the test He asks [sim's name here] if she would be willing to become the company's cam girl for the day in order to help sell some of the games that have recently released.


Good End: Success! The Pictures of [Sims name here] have caused a great deal of sales to the games she was advertising in those photos of her in many erotic positions and poses, and to reward her the boss has given her a cut of the profit (Sim gains a huge performance and pay boost)


Bad End: Oh no! The pictures of [Sim's name here] didn't boost the game's sales at all, in fact the pictures caused a lot of controversy between the company, the media, and the public, and to make things worse [sim's name here] is now a meme on the internet and has gone viral! (sim comes home very embarrassed)


any more ideas for more chance cards or anything else are welcome I hope someone likes and makes this idea a reality :smile:


my other request is can somebody please make a Hooters Uniform for Sims 4 Please?


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