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3ds Max skeleton/animation help

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I've got my player character loaded into 3dsmax, and I've found that when I animate the model, there are some oddities with weighting. When moving the leg, the waist moves a bit, this issue is not present in game when the legs move, only in 3dsmax. Another interesting issue, is that armors and outfits don't move correctly with the body despite using the same skeleton. (From what I can tell anyway.)


I'd like to be able to make some outfits, but I've having a lot of trouble with weighting. The envelopes that 3dsmax uses in weighting seem to be ruining the weights when I set them (the vertices) by hand. 


If this is unclear, I can attach images showing these oddities.


Thanks for reading, please point me to any guides or similar resources I may have missed.

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