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New Mod Added NPC's Faces and Body Colors Mismatching NO FACE PIXELS

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Hello, I'm having a problem. I've tried searching the internet, but I couldn't find anything so far. I did find this topic on Nexus that describes a very similar problem, but it received no replies. 




My mod features generic npcs of different vanilla races and of both genders.


The faces of the NPCs are totally fine, but the body colors are mismatched. The elves and orcs have various human skin tones, humans also have the wrong skin tones (but they are still various human skin tones), while the argonians and khajiit are the least obvious. Examples being: Khajiit with white fur on their heads, but their bodies being the default grey/brown fur and argonians having a yellowish head, but greenish/yellowish bodies.


There are NO FACE PIXELS in any of these cases. (The heads are the colors they are supposed to be) I'm not trying to yell, I'm just trying to make it very clear that this is not a facegen problem and also to make sure this comes up in the internet search results later for anyone who might be trying to solve this problem. (The search results are currently very mixed with facegen, grey face, and other related problems)


I tried to see if there were any conflicts with face and/or body textures, but so far I have no success. I really don't think it's texture conflict, because it's also affecting the women who currently have vanilla textures and it's ONLY the NPCs from my mod that are having this problem. I have yet to pick out face textures for the women (because some of them REALLY need a face lift) and I've been focusing on the men, because I like men and not women).


Did I do something wrong while creating these new generic NPCs? I copied existing generic vanilla NPCs as new entries and changed their race and/or gender. I made sure to change each one a second time so that their heads would show up properly in the render window. I checked several of my new NPCs in both the head view and body view render windows and they look perfectly fine, but in the game their bodies don't match their heads.


The NPCs bodies and heads depend ONLY on vanilla assets. (Besides the Facegen files of course. No mod assets (like custom hair) are included in these facegen files)


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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I installed a completely fresh install of Skyrim SE and my mod (by using a USB stick for my mod files) on a completely different computer with no mods, textures, meshes, or anything else ever downloaded. The problem is still present. I even installed the creation kit on this computer and the NPCs still look fine in the render window, but not in game.


I hope this can help someone to help me diagnose the problem.

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I forgot to mention that I even saved the mod in the creation kit on the new computer. It's not "new", it's just another computer I have in my house that I don't use for gaming. By saving the mod the creation kit completely regenerated all of the facegen data files and I tried using those instead, but unfortunately the problem still persists.

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Sorry for bumping this thread so much, but I found a tutorial video describing exactly what I did while creating the generic npcs.




Does this have something to do with the templates? I don't think so, because that's how I was able to change the npcs to be different races and both genders after I copied them from the original npcs and I've made sure I unchecked the "Traits" box on every single one of them.

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FINALLY SUCCESS! After days of searching the internet for solutions I finally found this thread: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/987174-mismatched-flesh-error-after-edit/page-2


It turns out there was an option to "Update NPC Body Tints" in the creation kit, but it's VERY well hidden. I clicked on the option and saved the esp to have it generate new nif and dds files and to save the updated body tints.


It seems that's exactly what I needed to do along. Consider this thread closed.

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