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problems with mitakusaners blog


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Okay guys, I'm just wondering if there is anyone else that has problems with this site? mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com 

I cant see any pictures on the site at all, I just see the .Jpg text. 
I have tried to search for a way to figure it out and fix it, but all I can figure out is that for some reason, the site seems blocked? 
As in, the owner of the blog has blocked my country from viewing his/Her site?

Anyone else seen this, or know how to fix this problem? 



If this is the wrong place to ask, feel free to move the topic anywhere, or delete it :smile:

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i've tried clearing cookies and cache, my country has no internet regulations at all, and why would addblocker remove the pictures? I mean they are Jpg's? 

I'm not saying the owner did block my country, just that my computer says he/She must have done that! But ofcourse i know it's my computer that is the problem here, i just don't know what.

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