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After spending an hour and a half getting together all the updates for my favorite mods, I crashed my game horribly. CTD upon launch. Poked around a bit, found the problem, then launched, made a new game, and crashed as soon as I got past the main cutscene. Got rid of ALL Sexout mods, made a character, reactivated the mods, and CTD.


So, I'm taking a break, and this has nothing to do with my problems, load order or mods.


While washing dishes today, I was thinking of the difference between Raiders in Fallout 3 and Fiends in New Vegas (since those are the only two games I've played). See, after playing FO3 and then hitting up New Vegas, I didn't know why the Raiders were called "Fiends." Well, after playing, learning backstory, and having fun with mods, I think I've compiled the answer in a form that would be heard in-game.


"So what's the difference between the Raiders out East and the Fiends here in the Mojave?"


"Well, Raiders rape and murder, in that order. The really crazy ones murder and rape. Fiends are so chemmed out of their skulls that they don't know which order they're doing it in."


So that's my attempt at humor after throwing my hands up over mods for a while. This could be a thread for similar humor (the difference between a RadScorpion and a Bark Scorpion, maybe?), for Fallout humor in general, or just a thread that gets ignored and pushed to the back of the list in short order. I'm fine with any, just felt this was the only place I could use "the 'r' word" casually and not raise any eyebrows. Plus I love you guys. :heart:

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